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If you have your own image, perhaps a photo you’ve taken, a picture you’ve found online or an illustration, we can help you to print it as a canvas print. Read more about size and format.

Follow the instructions in the flow on the right to upload your image, have the quality assessed, crop and edit your image and place your order. You can also ask for free personal assistance. Simply send us a message with your requests and instructions, along with your contact details. One of our image editors will get back to you by e-mail with a corrected image. Asking for personal assistance and sending us an inquiry is not a firm order; you place your order once you have received your corrected image. If you’re in a hurry we recommend choosing order directly, as sending us a query prolongs the order process by up to three business days.

Our image editors can alter colours, add or remove objects, change proportions and adapt your picture in all sorts of ways. We charge €44 per hour for these services.

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On the right, upload your image, choose “Personal assistance please” and leave us your contact details and special requests and we’ll get back to you. We usually get back within 1-2 business days, but this could be longer during peak workloads. The more detailed the information you leave about your special requests, the quicker we can help you. Sending us a query is free of charge and there is no obligation. If your request entails an extra cost we will always give you a quote first.

We have thousands of image motifs in our range, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for check out image agency Dreamstime. There is a fee of €24 (inc. VAT) per image purchased from Dreamstime, and you pay this when you place your order. Contact us with the image’s ID number and we’ll be happy to help. We can also make changes to our images in the range, such as changing colours and removing objects.

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Our canvas material is 100% cotton. You can order your canvas print with or without our do-it-yourself tenter frame. If you intend to hang your canvas print on the wall like a picture, we recommend ordering a do-it-yourself tenter frame with your print. The frame is 29 mm thick.

You decide what kind of edge you would like. You can choose white, black or printed. A printed edge means the design continues onto the edges. The edge is the part of the canvas that covers the frame around the side of the print. The edge is 29 mm wide and is added onto the dimensions you specify in your order. For example, if you order a print 100 cm x 100 cm, the canvas will be 106 cm x 106 cm including the edge.

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We accept all image formats including tif, jpg, png, eps and pdf. However, the automated flow can only handle jpg, tif and png formats. In order to print a photo as a canvas print, the quality and resolution must be sufficiently high. Find out more about file sizes and formats.