Turquoise canvas prints

Turquoise is the colour that shares its name with the blue-green stone found in special locations in Iran. Turquoises were among the absolutely first precious and semi-precious gemstoRead morenes mined by humans. One of the first mines, dating from 3000 BCE, was in the “Land of Turquoise,” also called the Sinai Peninsula. Yet the most important place for mining this incredibly beautiful stone the past two thousand years has not been the Sinai Peninsula, but Iran, where amazingly enough one of the first turquoise mines is actually still active. Some cultures believed over the years that the gemstone held magical powers and shifted colour depending on the bearer’s health.

A turquoise canvas in many shades

Turquoise is more than one colour. The word is an umbrella term for almost all shades of blue-green. Depending on the shade it can seem either warm or cold. This fantastic quality means it goes with an amazing number of other colours. For a space with a soft, delicate temperament, try matching turquoise with soft, cool colours, such as a discreet pink or a very pale green. For more machismo, turquoise can be combined with dark colours, such as coal grey, dark brown, or forest green. Bohemian decor is especially attractive. Be embraced by the soft, warm and comfortable colours of the bohemian style, which nonetheless encompasses exciting and bold colour schemes. The combination of turquoise, red and orange creates an unbeatable mood in any space.

A world of colours balanced on a turquoise canvas

Styling an entire room in turquoise – at Photowall we understand it may sound daunting. But please, don’t completely write off this beautiful colour. A few turquoise details go a long way toward uplifting any space in the home with ease. Simplicity in organized chaos is manifested in the After Turquoise canvas print motif. It is perfectly suited to the minimalistic space that needs a little extra activity. The Early Exploration canvas print could be the dream motif for the younger family members fascinated by the diversity of the coral reef in the exotic turquoise seas.

Turquoise and purple: The perfect pair

The unadorned calm of purple alongside uplifting turquoise makes pairing the two colours a delight to the eye. Because the two colours suit one another so perfectly, it is easy to add a third colour to the mix without too much thought. The only thing to remember when adding a third colour is that it should be muted, not bold. Shocking pink would clash with these two colours, but a soft pink would be delectable. A smoky grey is a perfect complement to the purple-turquoise coupling for a more subdued setting in a new space.
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