A stormy love story with the sea in focus. The sea. So soothing and peaceful, but at the same time so incredibly powerful. Many people feel a strong attraction to the sea – and so does the artist Marti Marais and the design studio Summer House. Together they have created a completely new and unique collection, with the love of the sea as a starting point.

High Tide BW -  Summer House x Marti Marais

Marti Marais' main source of inspiration is stormy seas, and you can really feel the energy and vitality of the violent waves in her paintings. At the same time, she also lets us enjoy the silence and peace that emerges when the storm abates and calm descends over both the sea and the beach. 

Teal Wave -  Summer House x Marti Marais

Marti began her artistic career at the University of Cape Town, where she studied at the world-famous Michaelis School of Fine Art. Her love of the sea has kept her in South Africa, where she is now established in the industry, with customers all over the world. Marti loves the creativity and emotions that arise thanks to a proximity to the Indian Ocean. She is known for her expressive sea motifs that she creates in her sunny studio in Summersand, Port Elizabeth. She creates her unique way of expression by combining her classic artist soul with modern methods, where she lets the colour follow the chemistry and move freely. She observes and controls gravity with the greatest precision, and says that timing is her most important creative resource. The result is breathtaking work that leaves no one untouched. 

Moondance Flat Blue - Summer House x Marti Marais

Now Marti Marais has created a unique, sea-inspired collection together with Summer House – a design studio that focuses on experimenting with concepts and materials for a subtle, present and personal result. Summer House is also based in South Africa and this new, joint collection really shows their united love for the sea. 

We at Photowall cannot get enough of these amazing motifs that really evoke emotions and create an incredible appeal. They look fantastic in both small and large formats, and each part of the collection has its own unique character, conveying both power and harmony. Gaining an insight into Marti's creation makes it all even more exciting, and her unique technique and sense of colour and shape really finds its place in this collection. 

Ocean Rhapsody -  Summer House x Marti Marais

"Photowall has a close and well-established collaboration with the design studio Summer House – so when they presented the idea of combining Marti Marais’ abstract paintings with our wallpapers, we said yes immediately. Marti has an incredible ability to depict the sea and all its various properties, from dramatic swells to soothing waves, in a way that easily captures your heart. Decor is a great way to create well-being, and it is also very easy to set the mood in the room with the help of a wallpaper.

In a rapidly changing world, we want to surround ourselves with what has always been there, and is there anything better than being close to the sea when you want to rest and gather strength?"

-Anneli Öquist, Trend Expert at Photowall

The Summer House x Marti Marais collection consists of 12 powerful, creative works that leave no one untouched. The collection is available as wallpaper, canvas prints and posters. To the collection.