Pop Art

Pop art represents art of the people and was based on popular images of the day – from the 1950s to approximately the 1970s. It contained objects inside the paintings, such as soup caRead morens (Andy Warhol) or work tools or natural objects like seashells. The idea was to show people that everyday or popular culture was a thing of beauty. Artists were first inspired by Abstract Expressionist paintings and canvas prints. Topics of interest included working people, hidden emotions, and human connections. These fine canvas prints offer a range of Pop art styles and colors, which may complement any wall.

The Pop Liberty

The Pop Liberty canvas print evokes several squares containing the arm and head of New York, USA's famous statue of liberty. Each square is a different color or color blend intended to catch the eye at first glance. There are also canvas print options depicting American items of popular culture such as the American flag, baseball, soda, bicycles, and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Floral impressions portray flower patterns, and several types of seashells wait to grace the bathroom wall. Pop Art is a form of painting and drawing, which allows a great amount of natural expression to be portrayed by highlighting ordinary objects or places, buildings and structures, and people or products. A lot of Pop artists were also illustrators, graphic designers, and even billboard painters. Examples of these artists include Ed Ruscha, James Rosenquist, Eduardo Paolozzi and Richard Hamilton, and of course Andy Warhol. As contemporary art, Pop Art fits in well with a number of decor schemes in a home or business. It is an inoffensive subject that may be tastefully displayed, and color coordinated with the wall and surroundings. To identify an image as Pop Art, there are some common characteristics to consider. First, the central theme will be consumerism and materialism. Second, the work will provide a commentary about culture and society through popular logos, images, and icons that are then changed as though they are a fresh new idea inside the picture. What many find likeable about Pop Art is that it tries not to take itself too seriously, whilst sometimes conveying a meaningful message. To select a piece of this art is to become a part of the culture behind it - what you choose may be a reflection of your own beliefs.
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