Surrealism is a genre of artwork that gets its origins and inspiration from the visual arts and writing of the 1920s. Artists' paintings included everyday scenes with items that were Read moreout of place. One of the most well known surrealist artists is Salvador Dali and his famous desert scene featuring clocks bent in half and melting over plants and stones. The goal of engaging in surrealism painting was to encourage people to free their subconscious thoughts and expressions and let them appear in writing and through canvas prints.

Themes of the unconscious mind

There are many canvas prints that showcase themes of the unconscious mind. Eternal Love features a woman with angel wings staring at a huge alarm clock while her cat sits nearby. There is a wide range of colors used in the paintings, and no two are ever completely alike. Country scenes abound, such as the farmhouse growing out of a tree in a field, or birds depicted as tree leaves blowing away from the tree as they fly higher skyward. These thought-provoking works of art on canvas prints will keep the daydreamer engaged for hours, and will raise interesting conversation at your next dinner party.

Element of surprise

Part of the Surrealism genre is the element of surprise. At first, the art may appear ordinary, until you realize something very important is out of place. There is an estate house floating down a waterfall, an almost Renoir-style man on a bicycle with an umbrella - until you notice that the man is invisible. It was Sigmund Freud, the famous psychiatrist, who is said to have been a major inspiration for artists such as Paul Éluard, Benjamin Péret, René Crevel, Robert Desnos, and many others. Freud was working with dream analysis and free association, which helped the Surrealist artists express their works on canvas print by looking for idiosyncrasy, and studying their own dreams. Andre Breton, said to be the movement's founder, felt that by showing two vastly distinct objects in art one could generate ideas about the differences and perhaps relate to the similarities. When you hang a canvas surrealist work on your wall, there are many ways to interpret such pictures. Just let your mind drift, and the painting will speak to you personally.
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