With some classic bodywork designs and a wide variety of paintwork finishes that have been used over the years, there can be little doubt that cars constitute one of the most iconic dRead moreesigns over the course of the last century. With so many models of four-wheeled vehicles, from gleaming sports cars to robust four by fours, it is little wonder that they feature time and again in artworks and paintings of all kinds. At Photowall, there is a stunning array of car-based canvas prints on offer to choose from, no matter what your personal tastes happen to be. Display the spirit of the open road in your own home by choosing a painting or photograph canvas print from the extensive car category. There is enough to select from to keep even the most dedicated petrol-head satisfied.

The Classic Era of Racing

For many, the idea of a racing car canvas print in their home, adorning a feature wall, is all about the glory years of motoring. Some of the most thrilling racing occurred when engine and vehicle technology was being developed and there seemed to be boundless possibilities with racing car design. To that end, we have produced some superb canvas prints, such as Le Mans, which features two cars battling it out for supremacy in a scene from a post war endurance race. Similarly, GP Wagen, which is available in both color and monotone, features a roadster in its pit seemingly ready to pounce on to the track. Lovers of vintage racing cars will also find Templars Hirondel or Morgan SS at the Track to be great designs that convey speed, power and no small amount of sheer racing grace, too.

The Great American Car

There is something so evocative about American cars when used in paintings or prints. Perhaps it is the fact that they have been featured in so many classic 50s, 60s and 70s Hollywood movies. Then again, it might be their association with the culture of Americana, in particular the music scene stateside, that makes them such focal points. For example, check out the excellent Elvis Truck Sun Records painting, which harks back to the King of Rock 'n Roll's earliest recordings. Alternatively, you might prefer to choose the wonderfully streamlined look of Saturday Night which features neon lights, gleaming chrome and a great deal of horsepower in a scene that might have been taken from a classic move like 'American Graffiti' or 'Grease'. For those who associate the greatness of American vehicles with the open road and seemingly never-ending sunny days, then Cadillac is the canvas print for you. It features the rear end of a car design classic with a cloudless sky and row of palm trees in the background for good measure.

European Design Classics

Although there can be little doubt that American cars make for a highly distinctive look when it comes to paintings and canvas prints, for many the often more compact European car industry offers something even more spectacular. A perfect example of the sort of artwork that is inspired from European manufacturers is the Porsche 911 print. Viewing probably Porsche's most famous design from its best angle – the rear – the 911 would look great in any room in the home and is shown in this print in pristine silver. Another featured German car is the ever-popular Mercedes 300 SLR, considered by many motorists to be an unparalleled design classic. For those who prefer a sense of place with their choice of automobile, B15 in Paris and Citroen in Paris are ideal choices, both reflecting on French designers' contributions to car shapes over the decades. However, perhaps the most astonishing car forms that have ever been made are from Italian designers, especially when it comes to super cars. Take a look at Lamborghini and Lamborghini from Behind, both of which offer unparalleled viewing pleasure. These are the perfect adornments for a home which speaks of style as well as controlled power.

Selecting a Print Based on Color

When choosing a canvas print that has been made from a photo, the color scheme can be as important as the subject matter, especially when it will be on display in a room that already has an interior décor style. For those seeking bright tones, opt for something like Superlegerra, which is a side on view of a sports car in vivid yellow. Morgan Autumn features a classic British sports car in muddied racing green on a bed of brown and gold leaves, offering a more restrained, but no less dramatic, palette. Saleen S7 Blue is another good option for rooms with grey, silver and azure tones throughout. However, probably the widest range of colors are reserved for prints that are drawn from the Disney Cars franchise, where purples, greens and – of course – Lightning McQueen's distinctive red can all be found in abundance.
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