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Returns & Refunds

Of course we want you to be happy with the wallpaper or painting you buy from us and it's always possible to return them, get your money back or exchange for another item.

30-day right to withdraw

In addition to the statutory right to withdraw of 14 days, we always offer our customers an additional 16 days right to return on all unmounted products. You may return or exchange your item within 30 days. The right to withdraw applies for 30 days from the time you or a third party, designated by you, received the product.

If you wish to cancel your purchase, contact us and we'll help you with this.

If we receive your purchase cancellation notice within 30 days of receiving the package, that will be sufficient. Please note that the item does not need to be returned to us within 30 days, only notice that you wish to cancel your purchase.

If you ordered a wallpaper, feel free to cut the wall lengths to make it easier to inspect the product. You may still return the product within 30 days even if you have cut it into wall lengths.


When you contact us to tell us that you wish to return a product, we arrange for return shipping and cover the shipping costs. There may be some applicable return costs, which we will inform you about when you contact us.

You can also choose to take care of the shipping yourself. If you do so, however, we take no responsibility for delivery and will not refund anything until the product is with us. Furthermore, we do not reimburse any shipping costs if you arrange the shipping yourself.

All returns will be recycled.


As soon as we have received the return, we will refund the full amount within 14 days. The purchase will be refunded via the same payment method that you used for payment and there are no transaction fees.

Please ensure that the products meet your expectations before you mount them because we do not reimburse any costs for mounting.

Fast delivery

Your order is shipped in 1–3 days and shipping is always free. Wallpaper Paste Included.

100% guarantee

We want all our customers to be satisfied. Just return your order within 30 days If you are not satisfied and we'll give you a refund.