Still Life

Flowers, food, plants, rocks, shells, book, drinking glasses, jewelry, and everything inanimate. Most of us might think that these are simply things used for the convenience of humansRead more in certain specific situations. Who would think that a painting of a rubber duck, unwrapped candy, lollipop, and a marble would have a deeper meaning to it? Still life painting is a way of expressing or telling something. It may be something that the society has to see or just simply what the artist feels. Wallpapers inspired by this type of art would be a great way of decorating our walls, and telling something more at the same time.

Mesmerizing Nature right in your own space

Paintings are commonly used as a display in our houses. There are paintings of a person created by the artist from his imagination, there are also wonderful places, and there are paintings of non-living things used as subjects of the painter to tell an underlying meaning or message, or just simply paint the thing for its beauty. Photowall has a lot of options for you to choose from. You can pick these beautiful flower paintings. There are a wide range of choices, and all of them are just beautiful and perfect for our walls. Depending on your personal preference, you may choose any of these and transform your typical looking wall into something extraordinary. With still life painting wallpapers, you can proudly invite friends, or your family because they won’t be bored when you leave them in your living room to prepare food. These flower paintings would definitely be perfect for your living room or dining room, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t put these on the walls of your bedroom. These wall murals would likewise go well in your bedroom, and feel the calmness brought by these eye-catching flowers. Rest assured for those of you who are allergic to flowers! You can enjoy looking at these all day without sneezing. You may not display the real one, but you at least have a beautiful illustration of it on your walls.

A new way to see things

Still Life paintings can show us new ways to see things, ordinary object to be specific, around us. All the artist needs to do is to arrange them accordingly, paint, and the magic will begin. It’ll have a whole new meaning. Still Life wall murals are fun to use, because aside from its amazing art, we can talk about the painting more deeply or more than what can be seen or its literal meaning. Transform your walls to a meaningful way with these beautiful paintings, let people be in awe for its amazing content and meaning. You may try these wallpapers with wine bottles in it, or something with grapes, cheese, wine glass, and red wine—made from watercolor. Maybe a pile of books and a clock is your type of aesthetic. There are also cherries, gardening things, a green apple between rock cubes, and everything random. We might think that those are just simple things painted or photographed, but knowing still life art, there are more to them than just simple objects.
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