Gray wallpaper

There's something Scandinavian and minimalist about the color and it works well with a wide variety of furniture and other decor. But our range of gray wallpaper is not minimalist. ThRead moreere’s lots to choose from. Your room will have a completely different look and feel depending on the pattern you choose. So give some thought to what style suits you best. If you have already decided on a gray tone, it's time to think about what you want your walls to express. For example, you could get closer to nature with patterns that call to mind gray granite, or you could pick a motif that breathes modern art. The most important thing is to find something that matches your style.

Gray making a comeback

In 2016, gray became one of the biggest trend colors. People started styling their homes with shades ranging from ash grays to charcoals. The brightest color on the scale is called Architectural White and began replacing the classic Stockholm White, which otherwise contains a touch of yellow. Architectural White has a more modern feel. Gray is a perfect color to style with because it’s neutral and works well in many dark and light shades. The color gray has become so popular that people have started making variations of it, such as the ultra popular greige—a color between gray and beige. Think color details when you have gray wallpaper Gray is as neutral color as ever was, if you can call it a color at all—but we won't get into that. Either way, it's important to give some thought to which colors will balance out the gray walls to get the most out of this neutral color.

5 wallpaper styles with gray patterns

It takes some time to go through our range of gray wallpaper, so here is a quick sneak peek to inspire you to browse our full range. COLUMNS – STEEL Do you like gray Scandinavian shades, but find that they can sometimes be a little too minimalist and low key? Then this is the wallpaper for you. Scandinavian style is mixed with a playful pattern. This wallpaper shows that you don’t need strong colors to make a wall feel vibrant and alive. HEXAGON – GREY Very stylish, with hexagons in various shades between gray, white, and beige. The design looks simple at first, but look closer and you'll see that the hexagons themselves are patterned. This provides structure and reflects light in a softer way than if they were monochrome. BIRCH – SNOW Birch – snow has a modern color somewhere between gray and beige. The pattern is a silhouette of snow-covered birch branches. It serves as a subtle reminder on your wall of those wonderful winter days you miss. DANDELIONS – GREY This is another gray wallpaper with a pattern inspired by nature. Tall white flowering plants reach from the floor almost to the ceiling. CLOUDSPOTTING – GREY A playful wallpaper perfect for a child's room or for people who are young at heart. Clouds shaped like animals, cars, and other figures hide among fluffy white clouds on a gray background. Let your eyes wander off and your imagination take over. Children love this wallpaper. This is just a small selection of our wallpaper. Take the time to scroll through our entire range and you’ll be sure to find the perfect wallpaper for you.
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