Red wallpaper

Red wallpaper for energy and creativity. Red wallpaper can feel a bit bold, and it certainly is. Red is one of those colors that emits the strongest energy into a room, so you need toRead more find a good way to counterbalance it with the other decor. Anyone who successfully decorates with red wallpaper will have an impressive room that exudes a strong creative feel. The color red symbolizes love, boldness, strength and passion, and the right shade of red can make your home feel warm and welcoming. If you don't choose the right shade, it can become a strident color that clashes with other colors.

Red wallpaper can work wonders

Red is a color that works well in any room where you want a high level of energy. In an office, wallpapering an accent wall in red usually enhances the levels of productivity and creativity. You can find the perfect shade of red wallpaper for almost every room—even the kitchen can benefit from a touch of red. What we would not recommend, though, is having red wallpaper in a bedroom. The bedroom is somewhere where you spend a large part of your life—mostly asleep, but when you’re awake you want to relax. Red wallpaper has a little too much energy and can make it hard to fall asleep. Another noticeable effect is that in rooms with red wallpaper people talk and behave more animatedly than they would in rooms decorated in other colors.

Styling with red wallpaper

You will have to design your room carefully, because red wallpaper gives off so much energy and has such an impact on anyone in the room. To soften the effect of red wallpaper it’s best to choose more muted shades of red, because this makes it easier to style the rest of the room, especially if you use white, black or gray, as they do not clash with red. The more intense the red, the more the wallpaper will reflect red back into the room, and if you have other walls that are white, they will feel warmer, which is often seen as an advantage.

Be bold with red accent wallpaper

If you go for red accent wallpaper, don't hesitate to choose a more intense red tone to draw the eye. One bold and trendy style statement is to use red accent wallpaper as a backdrop for white furniture. Red accent wallpaper is an excellent foil for pictures with white frames or white detail. Red is a stylish wallpaper choice that will bring higher levels of energy to your room than most other colors. A strong red accent wallpaper can help you be energetic and alert, and reach higher levels of creativity.

Why we at Photowall like red wallpaper

We know that red wallpaper can provide that extra energy boost that’s sometimes needed in life. If you'd like to surprise your friends and guests, we can recommend red wallpaper paired with white details. It’s modern and chic.
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