Plants & Flowers

There are about 400,000 plant species on Earth with many thousands of plants on land and in the ocean which are yet to be identified or categorized. They keep us alive, as sources of Read moremedicine, oxygen, and food. Our assortment of high-quality plants & flowers wallpaper is the perfect way to show your appreciation and to beautify your living or working space. Bring the freshness and life of the natural world into your room by selecting one of the amazing plants & flower wallpaper we have in store for you.

Plants & flower wallpaper categories

To make the picking easier for you, Photowall has conveniently classified the many motifs into subcategories. It is also worthe mentioning that all of these items can be altered according to your specific wishes, taste and modifications. These lower tiers are Botanical Art, Flower Arrangements, Flowers, Plant Parts and Weeds. All of these sections contain a number of top-notch plants & flower wallpaper which will certainly not only please the eye, but also uplift your spirit and those of your family, friends or officemates.

Botanical Art

In this sort, the emphasis is on artwork that is related to botany, which is the study of plants, basically. Herein you will find artistic renditions of everything we love and hold dear about these amazing living things. With various styles of drawing and a multitude of hues and tones, these particular section of plants & flower wallpaper is certain to catch that specific atmosphere or ambiance you are aiming for. Paradise Lost is an emotional and impressive piece, one which is definitely gonna have a lasting impression on anyone who sets eyes on it. This plants & flower wallpaper will look fantastic whether you decide to put it up in your home or your board room at the office.

Weeds in plants & flower wallpaper

Although weeds are officially described as any plant that requires some form of action to reduce its effect on the economy, the environment and human health, they make a wonderful subject for plants & flower wallpaper. Also known as invasive plants, weeds are often excellent at surviving and reproducing in disturbed environments which is they make a compelling thought if displayed as embellishment at home or in the office. Concrete Weed is a fine example of this, with its understated design that looks intense but also relaxed at the same time.

Plant Parts

Leaves, Petals, Stems and Twigs & Branches are the distinct parts into which this plants & flower wallpaper tier is assorted. The green foliage of a plant known as leaf has a myriad of representations in this category. All sorts of colours, hues, tones and artistic styles are employed to bring out the beauty of leaves in plants & flower wallpaper. The stalk of a plant, more commonly referred to as stem, is also displayed as well as the more minimalistic approach of the Twigs & Branches rank of plants & flower wallpaper.

Arrangements in plants & flower wallpaper

Flower arrangements is also a very popular level of plants & flower wallpaper, as they are a highly selected and distinguished group. In this detailed area, the mark of the power of colour it well on show. Gorgeous motifs such as Fresh Cut or Grace are going to affect emotionally guaranteed, with their vibrant and intricate design.
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