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Maps & Flags



Maps & Flags

Hanging maps and flags on the wall stirs a sense of wonder in the armchair traveler. They are great conversation starters in a home or office. Canvas prints featuring various maps andRead more flags of the world or detailed renderings of specific places are a way to capture past vacations or family history, bring future plans to life or reference world events. Since the start of recorded history, maps and flags have been a way to explore our place in the world.

Maps of the Past

Vintage world maps in canvas print show us the history of our earth – names from bygone eras and locations we believed to be accurate are highlighted on the wall to preserve a moment in history. These artifacts from the distant and not-so-distant past offer a glimpse of how we once saw our world.

Maps of the Imagination

From maps depicted in colorful lights to maps showing the animals of the world, let your imagination wander when you hang a pirate's treasure map or paint-daubed map as a painting. Maps of outer space take you out of this world, while maps based on photos of Africa and Asia taken from space remind you how big this beautiful planet really is.

National Flags

Retro flags representing the U.S., England and more express national pride and honor a home country. Take a trip in your mind and wander the streets of your favorite travel destination. Canvas prints of various sizes can transport you to the place where you come from or an especially significant place where you have lived or traveled. Whether you go for artistic abstraction or striking accuracy, a national flag canvas print is sure to be a hit with guests and co-workers alike.

Flags with a Message

Show your pride with a rainbow-striped brick wall or pay tribute to British rock music with a Union Jack painted on a brick wall – great for any British home. Sometimes you just have to let the world know who you are! Display a painting of a famous world symbol and tell your story without saying a word.
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