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    Crafty Christmas: DIY tips to get the festive feeling

    ‘Tis the season for festive fever, with Christmas just around the corner, the countdown to 25 December is well and truly on. Of course the annual Christmas tree may be firmly on your decorative tick list, but what else can you do to ramp up the merriment throughout your home? 

    We’ve got plenty of simple DIY tips to inspire your festive style this December, to help mirror the feel-good cheer of the holiday season. 

    Cinnamon centrepiece 

    Transform run-of-the-mill candles into attention-grabbing centrepieces for your Christmas table. Layer the exterior with dried cinnamon sticks and finish with sprigs of holly, berries or mistletoe. As the candle warms, it will create a heavenly cinnamon scent that will waft through every inch of your home. 

    Bottled berry branches 

    If you have dozens of empty bottles hanging around the house, we’ve just found a new use for them. Artfully arrange a number of berry branches with pussy willow in whatever shape or size glass bottle you have to hand and display in alcoves, fireplaces or windows. 

    Wallpaper stars 

    Stars are part and parcel of Christmas – so why not give them a creative update by crafting them from your favourite wallpaper? Hang your stars with colorful thread for maximum impact. 

    Wall mural garlands – Friends in Need by Team Hawaii

    Handmade garlands 

    Bunting is an effortless form of decoration and is easy to create yourself with a Christmas twist; stick to traditional lettering, go natural with various sized pine cones or put your paper art skills to the test with snowflake origami. These simple additions can hang from your fireplace, in your kitchen or up your stairs in festive fashion. 

    A touch of copper 

    Red, white and green are the go-to colors for Christmas décor, but why not add a touch of copper, too? The metallic shade can bring a warm and vibrant edge to festive proceedings. Whether candles, chandeliers or vases, pair with green foliage for a stylish Christmas look. 

    Ornament wreath 

    Baubles aren’t just made for hanging on trees. This year, forgo the status quo and use them to form a contemporary Christmas wreath to hang on your front door or hallway mirror, or even as a stylish addition to your table. 

    Jar of lights 

    Got a tangle of fairy lights gathering dust in your attic? Rather than face hours of unravelling string after string, scoop up your lights and place them in an empty jar. This decorative idea is a simple but effective one that can last all year round, too. 

    Jingle bells 

    The light tinkle of bells is forever associated with Christmas (and the arrival of Santa and his reindeer), making them a must-have feature for your home this holiday. Choose your favoured ribbon and tie them to your door and window handles for a final festive flourish. 

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