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    Five DIY garden party ideas to end summer on a high

    Celebrating the great outdoors in your garden with friends and family can often make some of the best summer memories – the warmer weather often means your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home interior and gives you the opportunity to let your creativity spill out. Whatever your home style, or occasion, we’ve take a look at the top five garden party ideas to transform your unloved outdoors into a flourishing space fit for the perfect summer soiree. 

    Shine bright 

    Extra sunlight in the evenings creates the perfect backdrop for parties that go long into the night, but when the sun finally sets, lighting is key to add a spark to an outdoor get-together. Industrial-style bulb string lights are really having a moment and add the perfect finishing touch to gardens that are long and thin. Draping your lights across the garden and positioning them in a criss-cross style adds to a rustic effect, which is ideal for an outside setting. If you’re looking to add your own personal touch, making your own lanterns can be a great way to brighten up your space and add in a unique handmade feel to your garden. 

    Pockets of colour 

    If your garden is in need of a colour injection but you don’t want to go about installing planters, a great option is to upcycle tin cans and transform them into beautiful vases. Simply rinse out the cans and remove any external labels, then add wallpaper designs to the outside and finally, take a small selection of flowers to pot. These are a great way to add temporary colour palettes to your outdoor space without having to give your garden a complete overhaul. Contrasting patterns work well here too, as well as vibrant repeat motif wallpaper such as Flora. 

    Table toppers 

    Celebrations just aren’t the same without a centrepiece – whether you position your table indoors to avoid any potential downpour, or keep your table outdoors to allow your guests’ easy access to food and drink. There’s a variety of different ideas to really add some glamour to the focal point of the occasion – how you choose to accessorise depends on your party theme, and different decorative pieces suit different interior styles. 

    Country creations 

    If your interior style is country chic, then you’ve probably already channelled vintage-style bunting in your home. But there’s nothing quite like the process of creating bunting yourself. Add a beautiful decorative addition to your outdoor space and give your garden the personal touch by selecting wallpaper patterns and designs that mirror your interior taste – transform these into bunting by cutting out the shapes and attaching the individual pieces to string. 

    Finishing touches 

    Little details can really bring your outdoor gathering to life and help create the perfect party atmosphere. Really personalise your space and create large scale party signs to add cuteness to the outdoors – chalk board signs are a super quick and easy way to add these touches, or if you’re feeling adventurous, choose a font you love and print it out onto card. Then cut out the individual letters and use string to tie them together – these look fab over a cake stand or in the entrance of a gazebo. 

    Which DIY ideas will you be adding into your garden? 

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