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At Photowall, quality drives our wallpaper craftsmanship, using advanced techniques and prime materials for lasting beauty. Our process is simple, catering to all skill levels for easy, efficient application. Discover our materials, get expert advice, and follow our straightforward installation guides.

Standard or premium?

Explore our wallpaper qualities, tailored for every need. Select from standard or premium —all eco-friendly and PVC-free. Standard is a classic and durable choice, while premium offers enhanced resistance and cleanability with a matte finish.
  • Nonwoven material

  • Glue applied to wall

  • Does not fade in sunlight

  • Environmentally friendly

  • PVC-free

  • Fire rated

  • Nonwoven material

  • Glue applied to wall

  • Does not fade in sunlight

  • Environmentally friendly

  • PVC-free

  • Fire rated

  • Scrape-resistant

  • Extra matt finish

  • Anti-reflective

  • Suitable for cleaning products

Easy to install

We print your wallpaper to your specific measurements and number the strips in the order they should be hung on the wall to make hanging your wallpaper fun and easy. Glue the wallpaper straight onto the wall and hang the strips from edge to edge. Wallpaper Paste Included.

How do I measure my wall?

We print your wallpaper to your measurements for a perfect fit. Walls are not always perfectly straight, so it’s important to measure your wall in several places. Always use the longest measurement for width and height when placing your order. We also recommend that you add 6-10 centimetres to your measurements to provide a margin of error for assembly.

Wallpaper glue included for free!

Mixing the powdered glue included in your package is simple. All you need to do is follow the steps in the assembly instructions. Mix the powder in lukewarm water. In five minutes, it will be ready for wallpapering.

How to install your wallpaper

Glue straight onto the wall with a roller or brush

Apply the wallpaper strips from edge to edge

Trim any excess wallpaper. And voilà – you’re done!

All you need to hang your wallpaper

Includes a brush for applying glue, a seam roller for making the seams invisible, a paperhanging brush for smoothing the strips, a knife and cutting guide for trimming excess wallpaper, plus a spirit level, a pencil and a tape measure.

wallpaper kit wallpaper kit

Cutting guide – Used with the knife to trim off any excess wallpaper.

Paperhanging brush – For smoothing the strips after application.

Spirit level – You need this for vertical marking with the pencil.

Seam roller – For bonding the strips together at the seams.

Pencil – For drawing a vertical line to delineate each strip width on the wall.

Paste brush – For spreading the glue.

Trimming knife – Use with cutting guide to trim off excess wallpaper.

We ship your package in 1–4 days

Your wallpaper is carefully packed in a sturdy box made from recycled cardboard, ensuring its safe transit. It's shipped within 1–4 days, with free shipping included. Inside, you'll find your wallpaper, detailed installation instructions, and powdered glue (provided for standard and premium wallpapers) – all you need for a seamless setup.

Always free delivery

We can edit your image

Do you want to change colours, add items, or change the proportions? Our skilled graphic artists can customise the image in many different ways.

Choose one of our products or upload your own image to submit an enquiry.

We care about the environment

We only make products to order. This means no products are stored in a warehouse or thrown out unnecessarily. Our printing ink contains no hazardous chemicals and is biodegradable. To learn more about how we work to minimise our environmental impact, please see our
environmental policy.

Fire rated

All our wallpaper is fire rated

Open our fire safety certificate

Climate-smart packaging

Your wallpaper is shipped in a cardboard box made of fully or partially recycled materials.

Would you like to create your own wallpaper or print? Send us an image or illustration and we'll help you free of charge with no obligation to order.

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