Polar Bears

A polar bear is a species of bear that is a meat eater and lives in the Arctic Circle. It is the biggest among the extant carnivore species. It consumes mostly seals and spends most oRead moref its time on the ice, which is why it is classified as a maritime bear. Their massive volume of bodily fat protects them from extremely cold temperatures. Photowall honors this fascinating ice creature with its own collection of polar bears wall murals. These one-of-a-kind images feature this snow dweller in its natural habitat. Hang these polar bears wall murals in your living room and allow this mighty animal to infuse your home with its strength and cleverness. A few of these polar bears wall murals in your recreational den will bring brightness and wonder to your living space. It might even be a good idea to position a few of these polar bears wall murals in the playrooms and sleeping quarters of your kids. Watch as your little ones stare with wide-eyed awe at this magnificent creature. Use these amazing polar bears wall murals to teach them about the hunting habits and peculiar quirks of this lovable animal. It will instill in them a love for all God’s creatures.

Resilient in polar bears wall murals

The advent of global warming and climate change, which has caused a lot of polar ice caps to melt, has greatly reduced the area of this creature’s habitat. So much so, that it is now considered a vulnerable species. Widespread hunting of these animals has also caused their numbers to dip for a while, but thankfully, hunting restrictions and strict protocols allowed them to bounce right back to safety. Photowall salutes this great creature’s capacity for survival with “Underwater Polar Bear”, “Polar Parents”, and “Baby Bear” in its wide collection of polar bears wall murals. These amazing images portray this wonderful creature swimming in the ice-cold waters of the Arctic and frolicking with its fellow cold-weather creatures. Showcase these polar bears wall murals in your lounging areas to help you cool down and decompress after a stressful day. Simply staring at their alabaster-white fur makes you feel like you’re spending the day with them in the crisp, cool regions they inhabit. Let these polar bears wall murals transport you to a frozen paradise where survival is the main preoccupation. Bring the cool air into your home with these polar bears wall murals.

Resourceful in polar bears wall murals

Polar bears play a central role in the culture of Arctic peoples. The Inuit call them Nanook. Their cuddly and playful appearance conceals the fact that they are quite dangerous once provoked. They are famous for being stealthy hunters and are often able to kill before their prey is aware of their presence. Photowall shows great respect for this animal with “White Polar Bear Hunter”, “Polar Bear-Blue”, and “Ice Hunter” in its wide collection of polar bears wall murals. These images showcase the more ferocious side of this creature. Hang these polar bears wall murals in your home to remind you not to be fooled by appearances, that beneath its huggable fur, it is one of the most prolific predators in existence. Its unsurpassed ability to swim and move swiftly through water has made it the bane of existence for all seals. And its uncanny skill for sniffing out its prey has made it the perfect killing machine in this environment. Let these polar bears wall murals fill your urban abode with thrill and dynamism. There will never be a humdrum moment inside your home with these images around you.

Cunning and clever

Despite their fearsome demeanor, polar bears have curiously been able to form strange friendships with creatures that they would otherwise maul or consume. It has been spotted being playful with dogs on several occasions, not harming them, and even going so far as wrestling with them. Photowall makes you smile at this peculiar trait with “Lords of the Arctic”, “Polar Bear on Iceberg”, and “Ryan Fowler-Polar Bear” in its fine line of polar bears wall murals. These images would look perfect with any colored wall or wallpaper you wish to backdrop them with. They come in a wide array of colors and designs for the discriminating urban dweller to choose from. These polar bears wall murals are also manufactured from materials that are guaranteed safe to exist inside your home, and safe to be around your kids. There is no end to the amusement and fun that these images can cause inside your abode. Spend countless hours with the ones you love simply appreciating the fine nature of this magnificent animal. Let its capacity for survival in the most extreme conditions inspire you to be tough and resilient in the face of great adversity.
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