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    How Interior Space Affects Your Well-Being

    Architects, interior designers and now psychologists believe that interior aesthetics can have a huge effect on decision making and emotional responses. Certain colours can influence emotional health and alter brain functioning, and different patterns have proven to evoke a sense of excitement and hypersensitivity. There are a number of neuroaesthetic studies that have concluded how space, light and colours in a room all deeply effect your well-being. We’re now aware that the way light enters your room, the home accessories we proudly display, down to the shape and texture of our furniture all have a role to play in how our homes make us feel.

    Here, we explore how to put these into practice to help give your home a happy feeling.


    Beautifully arranged interior spaces can promote health and happiness, and can even help boost your concentration and mental stimulation. Minimalism through channelling popular home trends, such as Nordic-inspired interiors, is a fabulous way to de-clutter while giving your home a modern update. The Scandi-style of interior design is renowned for utilising small spaces through clever storage solutions – you can simply add this into your own home by using open shelving and furniture that has multiple functions.

    Apple Berry - Off White by Lottas Träd

    Colour theorists have discussed the correlation between colour and behaviour, and how certain colours can influence our mood. Carefully choose your colour scheme based around the function of your room to create interior Zen. For example, deep blue is said to encourage efficiency and orange heightens the vibrancy of your personality. Green is said to increase wealth and encourages you to honour your own unique talents. 

    Bambu - Green by Acne Jr

    Although pattern perception is considered to be subjective, there is well documented research to suggest that certain designs can trigger different areas of your brain. Patterns that use bold colours have been proven to be mood lifters and can even help to alleviate negative feelings. For example, repeat patterns that encompass nature are said to bring a feeling of serenity to your home’s interior. 

    Rose - Beige by Plingsulli
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