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    Traditional interior design – Deep wood tones and elegant furniture

    Traditional interior design may be considered outdated or obsolete. However, the familiarity and comfort make the style popular.
    Traditional interior design may be considered outdated or obsolete. However, the familiarity and comfort make the style popular.
    Traditional interior design – Deep wood tones and elegant furniture

    The Traditional Interior Design Style

    The Traditional Interior Design is influenced by the 18th and 19th century European decor. It is an epitome of elegance and comfort. Although many individuals consider the design to be obsolete or outdated, many still love the familiarity and nostalgia of the interior design that most have grown with. This design is ideal for those who are fond of antiques, classic art works, design patterns that are rich with history.

    Nowadays, the versatility nature of the traditional design makes it possible for designers and homeowners to combine them with other design styles that they like to make it more personal.

    Characteristics of the Traditional Interior Design

    The common features of the traditional interior design are:

    1. Symmetry – the traditional interior design emphasizes on balance in every aspect of the house: from architecture up to the placing of furniture. The arrangement of the furnishings are grouped together in such a way that they are arranged formally.

    2. Soft edges – traditional design does not have edges or sharp angles. It focuses more on the curves and sink-right-in comfort. Ever wonder why some furniture have skirts, well the traditional interior design so recommends the furniture pieces to be skirted to have that cozy feeling as well as hiding the legs of the tables and chairs.

    3. Conservative color – colors are laid back and are not suppose to be loud. Most common colors are neutrals, such as beige, cream and tan. You may also opt to use brown, red, green and blue.

    4. Rich wood tones – darker wood tones are another of the key elements in the traditional interior design style. Wood such as mahogany, cherry, oak are commonly used.  

    Traditional Interior Design ideas for your home

    Here are some ideas on how to achieve that traditional interior design in your home:

    1. Dark, rich colors – usually the traditional interior design style consist of dark woods, refined colors and rich tones. Commonly, the walls of the traditional design style are in neutral colors, therefore the addition of furniture that have the said colors, art works, decorative items in contrasting colors with the wall will create a warm and comfortable space.

    2. Dignified furniture – the furniture of the traditional interior design tend to be heavier and usually are made out of mahogany, maple and cherry. Commonly, the fabric used are high quality such as leather, silk and velvet.

    3. Wood – one of the key elements of the traditional interior design is the rich tone. Dark wood are commonly used for the furniture. These wood are then carved and lacquered for them to have that luxurious and elegant appearance.

    4. Accents – elaborate moldings, wood paneling, intricate tile and wood floor patterns are commonly seen in this type of design style. In addition to these, built in cabinetry, columns and arches are also common features of the design style.

    5. Appealing finishing – traditional interior design is known for having beautiful finishing with the use of mill work and plaster work for the detailing.

    6. Exotic rugs – Persian carpets and oriental rugs are popular in the traditional interior design and they never go out of style. Reminder, these rugs and carpets are a little bit pricey so you may want to flaunt them.

    7. Gloss and shine – metals with soft, warm undertones are another feature of the traditional interior design. Metals such as brass, bronze, and copper will do the trick.

    8. Patterns – any pattern will be appropriate in the traditional interior design. You just have to experiment in mixing and matching them. Just remember not to go too bold.

    9. Window treatments – the use of luxurious fabrics and embellishments such as tassels are usual sights in this type of design. Addition of plants will likewise add to the appearance of the window.

    10. Accessories – addition of artful accessories such as china, figurines, plants, books, globe and boxes will add life to the rooms.  

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