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    Transitional interior ideas: how to channel Hygge in your home

    Known for their minimalist laidback lifestyle, the Danish are masters in creating cosy, functional designs. If you’re transitioning your interior ready for the autumn and winter months ahead, there’s definitely a few tips you can take from Denmark. 

    The coveted Danish art form known as ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hue-gah) is all about using Scandi-inspired tricks to transform indoor spaces into inviting areas that exude warmth. Hygge is a lifestyle choice that extends further than interior design, the notion is all about living well, and appreciating life’s simple pleasures. 

    Here we explore how to create the Hygge happiness in your home using a mixture of accessories, textures and color. 

    Mood lighting 

    Well-chosen lamps with functional properties will create cosy lighting levels perfect for cuddling up on the sofa. Industrial-style floor lamps allow you to direct light in the areas of your room that you feel need it most. The Danish are also known for their clever use of candles – scatter these around your home to create a welcoming space on darker nights. 

    Hibernate in textiles 

    Update your home with soft, warm fabrics – wool, sheepskin and cashmere textures are all perfect to get you ready for a long winter indoors. Add these to accent armchairs and sofas so your guests can get cosied up when they visit. Colorful rugs are also a great addition to help add warmth to your space. 

    Gap Year - Red

    Create a social space 

    Another Hygge philosophy is togetherness, and a focus on spending quality time with your friends and family at home is really important. Think about where your guests are likely to gather, and introduce things that will make them feel more at home. Open plan areas help increase conversation – try to rearrange your furniture to maximise the social setting. 

    Flora and fauna features 

    True Hygge happiness comes from an appreciation for the little things, and introducing organic elements in their purest forms will help create an innate feeling of being at one with nature. Small potted house plants and adding in green color pops will give a new lease of life to your space. Panorama Grey by Scandinavian Surface will add in a feeling of wondering in the wilderness – create a living room feature wall using this design and accessorise with wool fabrics and rattan materials. 

    Panorama - Grey by Scandinavian Surface

    Food mood 

    When the Danish describe Hygge, one of the key themes is the powerful feeling of comfort food and its ability to almost heal the soul. Channel these feelings of great appreciation for food by introducing beautiful handcrafted kitchenware – Hygge is a celebration of independent craftsmanship, and so accessories with an artisan feel are essential in channelling this mood. 

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