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    Personalize your 10-year-old child’s room – our top tips!

    Autumn is approaching and many children are getting excited about starting at a new school. It’s a fresh start, a time for new interests and an expanded repertoire of things to do in the child’s room – everything from homework to playing video games.  
    Graffiti Elements

    Furnishing as needed

    A quiet corner for homework and creativity with space for a computer is a good idea. If your child’s room is low on space, go for a raised bed to create a sleeping loft with space for a desk underneath. Another good solution for fitting a desk into a small space is to attach a board to the wall. Remember to bring light into your kids’ room. Go for a desk lamp, a bed lamp or a ceiling lamp. Also, consider curtains that can be drawn aside to let light in but also darken the room when it’s bedtime. 

    Children’s wallpaper, interests and decor

    Let personal interests determine the style of your children’s room. By this age, children have developed many interests. They may like the graffiti pattern Gouge, sport wallpaper such as Skilled Player, an art motif such as Art School Daydream, horses as in Running Mates, or music as in Music Notes World Map Color. Choose wallpaper to suit their interests. Don’t be afraid to enhance the decor with paintbrushes, paint pots, cars, stuffed animals or sports memorabilia. There is a multitude of delightful, creative toys and kids’ decor you can use to make the space personal and appealing. 

    Skilled Player

    If it starts to look too jumbled and busy with colour, then invest in some stylish storage. Sometimes you have to get creative if there is not a lot of space in your child’s room. The best storage may be under the bunk bed or in high shelves. The closet may hide a play area, and desk space with built-in storage can be created on the spot Test the limits of your imagination. 

    My Rollercoaster

    Wallpapering part of a wall

    Dare to go all out when choosing wallpaper patterns! Wallpaper over the bed, on closet doors, on part of the wall above the desk or just a small section of the room or wall. When you wallpaper part of a room, you can also choose a more colourful pattern. It won’t be as prominent as when you wallpaper an entire room. 

    Did you know that you can also use wallpaper to create the illusion of a room within a room by wallpapering each wall in a different pattern. This is both appealing and playful. 

    Our top wallpaper tips for 10-year-olds are Confetti  from By MayAstral UnicornSpace Odyssey and Graffiti Elements. 

    Items in interior by SELECTED BY R.O.O.M. SKRAPAN and Designtorget. 

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