Black canvas prints

Black canvas prints for a timeless experience. The colour black has many associations: strength, fear, elegance and sophistication. Black is actually the lack of other colours. ChoosiRead moreng a canvas print in black tends to be easy because there is a wide selection of black canvas prints.

Styling with black canvas prints

You need to do some planning before buying a black canvas print. Black is a contrasting colour and can be overwhelming if it becomes dominant. Black combined with nuances of grey is a popular combination in many homes. A black canvas print on a wall makes a timeless yet modern impression. Black canvas motifs can reduce stress for the observer. Teenagers’ rooms often have vibrant colours with monochrome walls and real explosions of colour – or striking, clean designs in black – on canvas prints or posters. The human brain more easily absorbs what is communicated by a black canvas print because we’re freed from focusing subconsciously on what each colour might mean. Depending on the layout of the room, it is important to understand how the size and pattern will influence the space and its visitors. Often, a black canvas works best big, so a wall with a lot of space is recommended. If you want visitors to pay extra attention to the canvas, pair it with a detail in a strong or prominent colour. Red walls and black canvas prints Combine a red accent wall with a black canvas print to capture a modern trend. In this case the black colour needn’t dominate the canvas. A little white on a black canvas adds an extra effect on the wall.

Photowall’s range of black canvas prints

We at Photowall know how effective a black canvas can be on a wall. That is why we have a large range of black canvas prints. A black canvas print adds elegance and timeless appeal without losing the modern touch. We highly recommend buying a canvas print in black.

The significance of the color black

Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. It is a mysterious color which has been associated with fear and the unknown. Typically, the color has a negative connotation. It also symbolizes strength and authority as black is very formal, elegant, and prestigious. So the next time you use the color in your home, think of all the positive traits it can give you and your interior. You will truly be amazed of the effects it evokes in your room.
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