Mixed Media

Mixed media art is a style that employs more than one medium or material. Collages are a popular example of this kind of art form. It utilizes materials like cloth, paper, wood, and oRead morebjects that are around us in everyday life. This medium can be classified into four categories, namely: collages, assemblages, found object art, and altered books. Photowall takes you on a tour of this strange but delightful medium with its one-of-a-kind collection of mixed media wallpaper. These images showcase some of the more popular examples of this style of creation. Let this mixed media wallpaper work its magic on the insides of your home, transforming drab, mundane spaces into lively and dynamic living areas. You can never go wrong with displaying several of these mixed media wallpaper in your urban abode. They come in a nearly infinite variety of colors and designs for the avant-garde urban dweller to choose from. Hang a few of these mixed media wallpaper in your living room to make a magnificent centerpiece. Place them strategically in the sleeping areas and playpens of your kids and watch as they gape in awe at these striking and wildly amusing images. Allow this mixed media wallpaper to be a solid fixture in your home.

Combined in mixed media wallpaper

Perhaps one of the first pieces of art to be hailed as a genuine mixed media achievement is Pablo Picasso’s collage entitled Still Life with Chair Caning, which he completed in 1912. The great Spanish master brought together cloth, paint, paper, and rope to bring this unique masterpiece to life. Photowall salutes this particular medium with “Ghost in the Machine-White”, “Plateau”, and “Flora” in its fine line of mixed media wallpaper. These arresting images feature some of the more colorful artworks offered in this collection. Having these mixed media wallpaper in your home will be like owning your own collection of modern masterpieces, but for a fraction of what they would cost you in an art auction. Stack these mixed media wallpaper into columns to create a magnificent artist’s piece on your walls. There is practically no wrong place in your house to display this mixed media wallpaper. Even your kitchen would get an infusion of color and electricity with this mixed media wallpaper on its walls. Have a great time creating sumptuous meals while surrounded by this inspiring and invigorating mixed media wallpaper around you.

Creative in mixed media wallpaper

Great artists like Matisse, Cornell, Dubuffet, and Kelly have also incorporated this interesting style into their works. Several of their museum installations are clearly inspired by the mixed media movement. This kind of art is particularly favored by artists because there seems to be no limit to the ingenuity and imagination one can explore with this style. Almost anything goes, and all sorts of materials can be used. They appeal to the playful nature of all artists. Photowall gives you, even more, to appreciate with “Marsh Marigold”, “Rhizome”, and “Strawberries” in its inexhaustible selection of mixed media wallpaper. The bold colors and fearless combinations in these works make them the perfect adornments for your home or office spaces. There is a peculiar sort of elegance exuded by this mixed media wallpaper that is difficult to put into words. But it takes nothing from the strength of its aesthetic effect. Position a few of these in your lounging areas and recreational spaces, and feel the day’s worries simply fall away. Light a cigar in your private study with this mixed media wallpaper all around you, and feel like you’ve evoked the power of the great masters to inhabit your living space.

Playful and perfect

Some of the most celebrated museums in the world feature artistic installations that make use of this mixed media style. And purchasing these fine works of art can be a costly proposition indeed. Photowall gives you, even more, to love with “Alchemilla Vulgaris”, “Zen-Flow”, and “Sky-Blue” in its beautiful line of mixed media wallpaper. These images feature a lighter color and have a more ethereal vibe to them. They are perfect to sit atop your bed, to give you a feeling of restfulness and peace Their gentle hue will trigger soothing signals in your brain that will allow you to have a deep and rejuvenating night’s sleep. Share the beauty of this mixed media wallpaper with your family and loved ones by inviting them to sit with you in your den and have memorable moments of bonding and fellowship. This mixed media wallpaper can even make its way to your office, to give those drab and dreary walls of your workplace some much-needed life. You will be the certified belle of the ball at the office when you spruce things up with this amazing mixed media wallpaper.
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