Plant Parts

Photowall's plant parts wallpaper from the plants & flowers category take well-known things and shapes while turning them into intricate designs for your interiors. The delicate pRead moreatterns of plants and flowers are a source of eternal human fascination since Mother Nature likes to mingle geometric complexity with the soft and flowing lines of petals and leaves. Artists integrate plant and flower themes into their paintings often to glorious effect, another remnant of our enchantment. Plant parts wallpaper is not just limited to visual impact, but they also serve an educational purpose if you choose to do so. There are about 400,000 plant species on Earth keeping us alive as sources of medicine, oxygen and food. Our assortment of high-quality plant parts wallpaper is the perfect way to show your appreciation and to beautify your living or working space.

A diverse range

One of the best things about plant parts wallpaper is the diversity it possesses. Not just in terms of colour schemes, unique designs and meaningful contexts, but also the many levels and clusters. To make your selection process of your plant parts wallpaper more cohesive, streamlined and fun, we have conveniently arranged them into the five smaller categories for your pleasure. These are namely Leaves, Petals, Stems, Thorns and Twigs & Branches. Each of these tiers has its individual charm and purpose, but all of them can make for a wonderful theme in your interiors. Plants part wallpaper are suitable for any residential, recreational or even corporate setting. It brings a touch of nature into your chosen space, with photographs of incredible detail and artworks that capture so many emotions. The variety is an incredible asset in revamping your walls into a truly spectacular sight. Choose your plants part wallpaper and see how it instantly transform your interiors!

Options for plant parts wallpaper

When we use the term plant parts, the first things that spring to mind are probably the leaves and petals, especially when you think of a flower. Motifs like Boheme La Floraison or Potpourri Banana Leaves are great examples of this, creating a style and visual weight that is remarkable. If you are talking about importance, the indisputable protagonist in plant parts wallpaper is the stem. This division can boast of items like the plant parts wallpaper named Bamboo Zen, a beautiful work of art that exudes such calm and peace. As all of these are well represented in plant parts wallpaper in their individual categories, you will have no problem picking the right one for you. In some instances, our friends from the fauna world even pay a visit. You can see this in plant parts wallpaper like Parrot in Blossom or Stomping Ground - Azure. Plants part wallpaper play amiable hosts to many creatures, which can delight both the adults and the kids.

Notable categories

What is the difference between a twig and a branch? In the most simple of explanation, a branch practically always has twigs growing from it, while the twig has leaves growing from it directly. Think of it like the branch being the arm of the tree, while the twigs are the fingers. With more than 600 carefully selected items in plant parts wallpaper tier, you are bound to come across plenty of twigs and branches. The many unique designs and great colour schemes are ideal to mix and match with different interior design styles. For a more adventurous and edgy vibe, check out the Thorns category of plant parts wallpaper. The Atacama Cactus series comes in various hues and tones which can complement a wide range of interior design styles.
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