Something that holds the foreground or main subject to our focus is often the very definition of a "background". It is not a solid object or patch of colour, but rather the space thatRead more surrounds your central theme. Nonetheless, this does not mean that backgrounds canvas prints can not possess a definite character of their own. The winning strategy is combining these wonderful backgrounds canvas prints with other decorative elements to create visual harmony, balance and character. Our high-class lineup of backgrounds canvas prints by Photowall comes in different shapes and forms, hues and tinges, but all the same they are unique in design and can also be modified in correspondence with your taste and interior design.

Placement is key

While discussing and selecting great backgrounds canvas prints, we should also always consider the terms of positive and negative spaces. Positive space is quite simply the thing you are painting, whereas negative space is the space between the object and the rest of the scene. However, this does not mean background is always negative space and vice versa. Using backgrounds canvas prints can also turn the process of positive and negative space on its head, as the gorgeous designs in our assortment give strong prominence to the background itself. This can make it into the subject intentionally or unintentionally, depending on your overall design or redecoration scheme. Nonetheless, feel free to play around with backgrounds canvas prints to see the result that suits you.

Energy in backgrounds canvas prints

Intensity pertains to the combination or lack thereof of strong colours. Since in paintings, the nearest object will be darker in tone and more saturated in hue, backgrounds canvas prints and their colours are very important in choosing it according to the aesthetic. However, as the distance grows these colours tend to fade away and thus the colour intensity decreases. This makes the energy of a carefully chosen backgrounds canvas print very crucial. Check out the beautiful "Colorful Doors", where numerous and very clashing colours are combined in one brilliant backgrounds canvas print, able to look good in any space it is selected to spruce up. "Red Rippled Sand" is on the other end of that spectrum, where an almost singular focus creates a different vibe.

Great impact

With modern technology, we have much visual trickery to imitate depth, a possible gathering of many objects, and numerous colours to amuse ourselves. Now while in other instances the foreground is priority, with our assemblage of top-grade backgrounds canvas prints, we do not need to draw focus on the foreground. We can simply match, mix and contrast it with other visual elements in the room of your choosing. There is such a wide variety that you would very hard pressed not to find the ideal backgrounds canvas prints for your home, office or recreational space. To give you a concrete example, let us take a look at the item called "Ocean Like Wallpaper". At first glance it looks simple and unsophisticated, but the more you look at this backgrounds canvas print, the more you become engrossed in it. It draws you in with its lush hues, tints and general colour scheme, making you feel as if you might be in the ocean itself.

Variety of backgrounds canvas prints

With such a plentitude of options, the section of backgrounds canvas prints by Photowall was bound to have at least one subcategory to make browsing easier and more cohesive. The particular section of backgrounds canvas prints is the tier named Bookshelves, a charming little cluster that features something we all find interesting and have seen in one form or another. Even just the semblance of having a miniature library gives us a pleasant feeling. If you pick a backgrounds canvas prints featuring bookshelves, one that could be recommended is "Door and Books", a stunning motif that is also symbolic as books are a doorway to other worlds.
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