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Cows and a Camel, August Macke - Framed print - Living Room




We often look to something we are familiar with or something that makes us feel at home when it comes to decorating a space. This is intensified even further when you have a child, Read moreor children, living with you, as you want them to like and feel at ease with whatever decoration you have chosen. Livestock framed prints can have that positive effect, as this excellent lineup of motifs by Photowall features animals that are recognizable and thus, enjoyable for the younger folk to look at. However, it is not limited to families with children, as livestock framed prints are also for anyone who enjoys the more whimsical side of rural life. City dwellers will certainly delight in the unique designs, the wide palette of colours as well as the deeper meaning of some of the items in our arsenal.

Livestock framed prints for the kids

As already hinted at, our assemblage of beautiful livestock framed prints is also very popular and appropriate for children. Kids of all ages and tastes will surely appreciate these motifs, as they showcase a lot of child-friendly attributes as well as having colours that appeal to the young ones. Whether you want to put one up in his or her bedroom, the study space or play area, these images are a guaranteed hit. They will have a stimulating and interesting focal point in their very own space, plus the added factor of having one of their favorite creatures right within their interiors. Farm Animals for kids is one of the most accurate samples of this, featuring all the most known and beloved beings in one lively livestock framed print. Farm Friends I and Farm Friends II can be something for the slightly older kids as it is more artsy and realistic in depiction.

Defining and illustrating

Although the term livestock is the rightful use, some people prefer to call them farm animals. Livestock, essentially, are domestic animals that are kept by people for food, milk, leather or wool. Aside from the already mentioned cows and sheep, farm animals normally also include pigs, goats, chickens and some other less common critters, which you will also see in Photowall's high quality assortment of livestock framed prints. So chickens produce eggs, pigs produce ham, bulls make leather for their pelts, goats and cows create milk, and sheep create wool, and so on. In more recent years, some organizations have also raised livestock not just for consumption, but also to promote the survival of rare breeds. The breeding, maintenance and slaughter of these animals is known as animal husbandry, which is a component of modern agriculture that has been practiced in many cultures since humanity's transition to farming from the hunter and gatherer lifestyles. As you can see now, livestock framed prints are not just meant to beautify your residence or work space, but also educate and help other people appreciate all these animals provide us with.

The categories of livestock framed prints

Photowall places a lot of value in diversity and making your selection process easier for you. This is why we have created two smaller subcategories in livestock framed prints, specifically Cows and Sheep, as these are probably the first thing that comes to most minds when the term livestock is mentioned in conversation. In the Cows tier, you can find incredibly detailed photographs that make you feel like you are right next to the subject or within its reach. You can see this in the piece titled Bull Grazing in the Meadow, a livestock framed print that is not just visually impressive but also has a bit of dramatic flair. We also have works of art that can make the rather common cow look like something straight out of a dream or a fairy tale, so affable are the colours and so intense the artistry. Raiding the Apple Crop, for example, is a livestock framed print that will not only delight the kids, but also please the adults with its charming subjects and the appealing colour schemes present. As you can see, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the livestock framed prints that fit you and your chosen space the most.
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