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If You Can Dream - Framed print - Living Room



Black-and-white framed prints

Pairing the primary colours of black and white always exudes class and drama. This combination is often considered to be a perfect mixture, especially when it comes to decorating any Read morekind of space. With Photowall's sublime collection of black & white framed prints, you have another wonderful tool to use in further enhancing the beauty and elegance of your interiors. Whether you use these two colours in choosing the right fabrics, furniture pieces, colour schemes, and so on, one thing is for sure. In tandem with black & white framed prints, it is a guarantee that any room will look simply wonderful and amazing. As per usual, you can adjust your selected items to match your overall design and any other decorative elements.

Tips for using black & white framed prints

When using the basics of black and white to build a distinct colour scheme, it can help to think of them more as complementary colours. Decorating with black and white is often key to an elegant, classical style, which can feel both modern and timeless. A popular method is to either use shades of black or white for an accent wallpaper, or as the key colour when painting an accent wall. Stylish black & white framed prints are an especially good match for this kind of accent wall. Hung sympathetically, black & white framed prints can be a draw to the eye. If your accent wallpaper is dark or black, you can create contrast by adding a black & white framed print in predominantly lighter tones. On a white wall, you can achieve the same effect with a black & white framed print in darker tones. Another trick, which may at first seem unusual, but which will ensure your room makes a powerful impression, is to divide a wall using a row of black & white framed prints. You can do this easily by hanging a selection of prints in a row, or in a vertical line. You could cover a wall with a collection of small motifs, or mix a range of different print sizes. The only limit to decorating with black & white framed prints is your imagination.

A quick look into the past

When it comes to interior design and your chosen theme, it is always helpful and interesting to have a bit of background information. With black & white framed prints, the first thing that comes to mind is classy and history, since these are the subjects entering our minds when we think of those colours. For example, the first legitimate photograph ever taken which has survived to this day was in 1826 by the French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. The photo is called "La cour du domaine du Gras", which means "the view from the window in Le Gras" and depicts the view from Joseph's workroom in the town of Chalon-sur-Saône. The exposure time was around eight hours, which makes the lighting in the photo a little special, because the sun had changed positions during these eight hours. Much has happened in photography between the years 1826 and now, but something that has not changed is our fascination with images rendered in black and white. You will find many historical pieces in black & white framed prints, which can look good in any domestic, commercial or recreational setting.

Black & white framed prints to tour the world

For a concrete example of our offerings, let us take a look at one of the most common but also popular themes when it comes to embellishing walls. Our black & white framed prints of different locations is high in demand. Skyline motifs, for example, are amongst our most beloved and favoured. It is not unusual to have a connection to a special city, stemming from a taken trip, a prolonged stay or even a goal in life. You can travel around the globe with our lineup of excellent black & white framed prints. Cabs in Times Square, New York can take you to the city that never sleeps. If you want something more exotic, try the black & white framed print entitled Under the African Sun for maximum visual weight. From the grandeur of Europe to the appeal of the Far East, black & white framed prints provide it all for you in a beautiful and everlasting colour combination.

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