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Colour psychology – this is what colours tell about our personality

The use of colour psychology is widespread in areas such as brand science and marketing, but it is also an important tool in interior design. Colours can affect the mood of a room more than any other interior detail. Different colours evoke different emotions, so when you decorate your home, it is important to think about what atmosphere you want to create and what personality traits you want to highlight in the room. In this article, we have compiled a short guide to the most common colours and tips on where in your home they can have the greatest effect.


Blue is one of the strongest colours in the spectrum you usually choose from when it comes to interior design. Deep and bold shades of blue, such as navy blue and royal blue, are perfect for conveying a sense of confidence. They are also closely associated with qualities such as loyalty, trust, peace and success, which makes a dark blue colour perfect for a room such as a living room or another room where you plan to receive guests and hold events.

Lighter shades of blue instead have a calming and harmonious effect and do best in rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms and other environments where you want to be able to relax.

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Gray is one of the most versatile colours and can easily adopt several different personalities. It is a tone that is intended to influence both a perception of security, intelligence and stability and to create a feeling of peace and quiet. As with blue, and all colours for that matter, the result is based on which shade you choose; it can be soft and delicate or strong and confident.

However, be sure to be a little careful about what shade of gray you use in which rooms. A far too dark shade of gray can make a room feel gloomy, and perhaps instead works best as a feature wall.

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Red is a dramatic colour: bold, passionate and one of the colours that evokes the strongest of emotions. Using red with a little thought can really transform a room. It is a colour that conveys qualities such as energy, ambition and power, which makes red a colour that fits perfectly in creative spaces and home offices. The nuances also play a role here; tomato red, crimson and wine red - depending on what you choose, you can channel a traditional and rich aesthetic, or an atmosphere more towards pop art.

However, do not forget that red is a colour that increases the heart frequency and raises the pulse, so be careful not to use too much red as it can easily become overwhelming. Also try to avoid the colour in bedrooms and other spaces where harmony and tranquility should be in focus!

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Yellow is a colour that is often associated with energy, joy and optimism, and whether it is tones in mustard or lemon, it is a guaranteed vibrant colour that suits you who need a little more energy in a particular room. More playful, playful tones can be perfect in a children's room, but the colour can easily be used in almost any room. As with many loud colours, it can be difficult to decorate with the same yellow from floor to ceiling, but as an accessory colour, you can easily create an effective impression in any room.

Due to its lively and energetic feeling, yellow fits particularly well in social rooms and corners or surfaces that are particularly cramped and dark and need to be warmed up a bit.

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Like yellow, green is also a positive colour that brings to mind balance and growth. It is a colour that most of us associate with nature and therefore it is a great way to bring a little of nature into your home, just by repainting a wall or changing curtains.

Like most colours, green comes in a range of beautiful shades, from emerald to olive and lime. Green can be especially suitable in rooms where you want to open your senses, such as in the kitchen or in a room where you study. Depending on the feeling and energy you want, you can walk along the green scale from green with more yellow, to green with more blue. For example, a very light green has more energy and life in it than a duller sage green, that is mixed with more black.

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Pink is a rather underestimated colour that is usually used only in children's rooms, but it is actually a shade that is both soothing and safe. The feeling of security, joy and optimism makes pink a perfect colour for bedrooms, but in the right design it can also fit at least as well in a living room.

Depending on the shade of pink you use, you can easily create different emotions in a room. A dirty pink shade together with warm white and brown creates an inviting atmosphere that fits perfectly in a living room, while a softer, powder pink tone may work best in the bedroom. Give the colour a chance to fit also in adult environments by combining it with a refreshing pattern and classic and stylish shapes.

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