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Wallpaper Design Ideas for Kids

Wallpaper design for kids

Childhood is a magnificent chapter in the life of a person. The simplest thing can ignite the creativity and imagination of the child. One of the best things that parents can do is to encourage your kids to practice their imagination and creativity with the things your kids are seeing around them. One of these is the decoration and design of their rooms.

There are various ways on how to design your kid’s room. For instance, by adding wallpaper with the right design. There are so many wallpaper design for kids that are available in the market nowadays. These wallpapers have designs that are suitable for the rooms of your kids. However, choosing the appropriate one may seem to be challenging. There are many factors to consider in selecting the right design for your kid’s room. Will it be space or cowboys? Castles, princes and princesses? Or cartoon characters? Whatever design you and your child select for the room, it is one of the ways to bring out the best from your child.

Effects of room design in kids

Before, the focus in designing a room is more on aesthetics. The goal was to create the most fashionable or the most beautiful interior design. Nowadays, the focus is to the effect or influence of the interior design to the well being of the person. Studies have shown that a well made interior can improve or increase personal efficiency, improve the mood, and develop talents. This is also true with children, and therefore recommended that the design for the kids room should be carefully considered.

It is advised that every child should have a place where they can stay alone. A place where they can do something productive and practice their skills and talents. The room should consider the five senses to create a harmonious relationship with everything that surround the child such as colors, lines, images, texture, and others.

Many elements in interior design can affect the senses of the child. For example, colors, lines and texture is known to affect the visual perception and tactile sensation of the child. Shapes can likewise influence the behavior of the child. For instance, if the child is emotional and can get excited easily, then the room should be dominated by round shapes and soft textures.

Wallpaper design ideas for kids

Here are some wallpaper design ideas for kids that you will truly love:

• Color – psychologists have proven that color can inspire and influence certain aspects in the life of a child. Colors are known to inspire, excite, soothe,, heal and agitate children. It is important to pick the right color of the wallpaper for your child’s room as the color will have significant effects to their brain development and behavior.

• Alphabets and numbers

• Scenery

Animals Wallpaper

• Plants and fruits

Patterns Wallpaper

• Shapes

There are many other wallpaper designs that are available for the kid’s rooms. It is recommended not to treat these designs as merely designs. Most of the designs can be interactive in which parents may ask their child to identify the things that are printed on the wallpaper. For example, try asking the child to identify the kind of animal as you point them.

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