You can now have the heart of our solar system as the focal point of your wall decoration. Sun wall murals by Photowall will make your interiors brighter, more fun and greatly textureRead mored. This category was put together purposefully to pay homage to what keeps every planet and particle in orbit. Even though this yellow dwarf star is just one of billions like it across the Milky Way galaxy, it is the only star we can see during the daytime. You can change that by getting yourself some sun wall murals by Photowall. No matter what time of the day, no matter what season or weather, your space will benefit from the shine that these motifs provide. Just like in real life it is the most important source of energy for life on Earth, make sun wall murals the most vital point of supply of good vibes in your home, hangout or even the workplace. We can all use sunshine from time to time, why not try it with some great photographs or works of art? As per usual, sun wall murals can be altered to match, or contrast, with your existing aesthetic, overall look, colour schemes and so on.

Sun wall murals for the world

Did you know that the Sun is approximately 4.6 billion years old? It is no wonder therefore that many cultures from around the world associate ti with their most important deity because it is essentially the source of life. Keep this in mind when using sun wall murals to decorate your space. Solar deities in religions and mythologies are very common, such as in ancient Egypt where the sun was worshipped as the god Ra or in Greece where it was a male deity named Helios. With sun wall murals, you do not just have eye candy, but also a product of thousands of years of worship. After all, the connections and interactions between the sun and the planet we call home drive the seasons, ocean currents, weather, climate, etc. Unlike our ancestors, we now understand the connection of mankind to the sun scientifically, but this does not make it any less significant. Pay homage to this by putting up sun wall murals in your residential, recreational or even corporate space.

For the kids

If you are looking for a reason to put up sun wall murals in your home, just think of the young ones and education. One thing that will always be present in their lives are things like the sun. With sun wall murals, they will learn more about it and perhaps even inspire them to do more for the environment. Items like "OurSolarSystem" or "Ringed Solar System" are in themselves already informative, but partner that with other wall murals from our Astronomy & Space categories and you will see the whole picture. You can bring that sense of wonder that is innate in children together with an appetite for learning through these sun wall murals. "Solar System Odyssey" is another piece that can fascinate the minds of children, who might even be motivated to become astronauts themselves one day. This is what the sun, and by extension sun wall murals, are for, inspiring the next generation to value and respect what we have, while looking to do things better.

More sun wall murals

Sun wall murals are not just gorgeous to look at, but can also be quite emotional. Take a look at the item titled "The Solar System", and tell us you do not feel something, at least. These sun wall murals command a certain type of respect that makes us appreciate our existence in this vast universe that we are just a tiny part of. If you are going for a more intimate vibe, perhaps "Sunrays Falling on Earth" will do the trick for you. This feels closer to home and really speaks to you on a lower but still meaningful level. It signifies that every day can be a new beginning, which is the ideal sentiment when you are decorating a newly occupied space. It does not matter if this particular space happens to be a residence or a workplace, a well-placed sun wall mural will make you feel right where you belong.
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