New Mexico

Known as "The Land of Enchantment", the state of New Mexico can now be the focal point of your interior design. If you are someone wants to decorate their selected space with some eleRead morement of magic, you have come to the right place in the form of New Mexico wall murals. This state has magical desert vistas, Rocky Mountain playgrounds and charming adobe communities that even predate Columbus' arrival by a few thousand years! New Mexico is essentially a bilingual state, since nearly half of the population is Hispanic or Latino, and it is said to often feel like another country. You can also see this influence in our assortment of wonderful New Mexico wall murals. As per usual, you have the convenient option of modifying these New Mexico wall murals to suit your interior design, match or contrast with your colour schemes and fit your overall aesthetic.

The beauty of nature in New Mexico wall murals

New Mexico does not just possess bustling cities with lots of culture and art, but is also home to gorgeous scenery provided by Mother Earth. A concrete example of this is "Ship Rock", a dramatic 2,188 meters rock mountain located in northwestern New Mexico. The formation, a volcanic plug, rises more than 40 meters above a barren desert plain south of the San Juan River. You can see this wonder of nature in the New Mexico wall mural named "Shiprock at Sunset". Anyone could be forgiven for mistaking this as outer space, as this particular vista has a supernaturally beautiful feel to it. Ship Rock in Navajo means "rock with wings" or simply "winged rock." The formation figures prominently in Navajo Indian mythology as a giant bird that carried the Navajo from the cold northlands to the Four Corners region. New Mexico wall murals like this can transform any space into something memorable.

A new horizon

Albuquerque's skyline may not be as known for having tall skyscrapers as other big cities in the United States of America, but it does have a distinctive downtown core with a number of high rise buildings. Some of the city's most recognizable tall buildings are the Albuquerque Plaza and its neighbor the Hyatt, pointing their pinkish triangles toward the sky. The plaza in particular is the tallest building in the city as well as in the state of New Mexico. See if you can spot it in New Mexico wall murals like "Albuquerque New Mexico Skyline". This set of New Mexico wall murals by Photowall comes in a variety of colours and hues, making it the ideal tool to decorate your space with, as it gives you plenty of options in terms of visual weight and interest. "Albuquerque New Mexico Skyline Black" can provide your interiors more texture with its classic black and white appearance.

New Mexico wall murals main feature

Nowadays, Albuquerque is not just a city in the desert, but also globally known as the home of a certain fallen chemistry teacher. This metropolis boasts a rich history, gorgeous sights and a well-established arts scene. Also called Duke City, you can now bring these New Mexico wall murals into your home, office or even recreational room. The city itself was founded in 1706 as “San Francisco de Alburquerque,” after the viceroy of New Spain, Don Francisco, who was also the Duke of Alburquerque. How it eventually became Albuquerque is unknown, but it is probably just because no one was able to pronounce the extra "r", or they though it unnecessary. Since this state also has a huge history with Native American tribes, it is no wonder that the largest Native American gathering in the country is in Albuquerque in late April. The Gathering of Nations draws thousands of attendees and tens of thousands of visitors. If you are inclined towards this type of culture, New Mexico wall murals can act as a motivator for you to visit someday.
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