Roads & Highways

All roads lead to Rome. The long and winding road. These expressions demonstrate that roads are a vital part of our culture and have been throughout history. The Roman Empire could noRead moret have conquered half the world if it had not built the best roads the world had ever seen. To many people, the promise of a long road holds romantic appeal. The thrill of a wide open road before you and the invitation to see where it takes you is universal. Why not bring the open road home with a wall mural?

The open road

Have you ever driven down an empty road in farmland? It is the most peaceful thing you could imagine: just you and your car and the wheels humming on the asphalt. Perhaps you’ve chanced a mountain pass, clinging to your steering wheel as a thousand-foot drop looms just inches away and your heart pounds in your chest like a trapped bird. A slow drive on a weathered road in an ancient forest may have sparked you to think about what the trees have seen. Roads are sources of emotion and travelling them can take us to unexpected places. Bring those feelings home with wallpaper from our road and highway collection.

Into the city

Every street in every city is unique and each has something special to show you. From stately homes of London to the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles, there’s always something to see. These wall murals can send your imagination on a journey to some of the most beautiful, exotic roads in the world.


Roads have inspired artists and photographers. Some take pictures of traffic at night, forever preserving the ephemeral beauty of streaks of light captured in a moment as they swept past. Others take pictures of famous people on celebrated streets, such as The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, which is possibly the most well-known photo ever taken of the band. Every photograph of Piccadilly Circus is a piece of history, caught forever. Make a moment in history yours forever with wallpapers from Photowall.

Bring the world home

With our selection of wall murals, you can inject the power of the open road into any room. A road picture will immediately create the impression of space in any room. A depiction of a road stretching into a sunset will bring vital color to an understated décor. Use our wall murals to bring the outside world into your home.
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