White wall murals

Wall murals with wild horses, lofty birches or a sparkling winter wonderland. Here are our wall murals with a white theme. Some say that white is not a color. Is that true? The answerRead more can be both yes and no. What happens is that white surfaces reflect the wavelengths of light from all colors. So we perceive the surface as white. In other words, you could say that white is in fact made up of all colors. Black, meanwhile, does not reflect the wavelengths of light from any colors.

So what can we learn from this in terms of interior design?

Well, if we know that all the light in a room will be reflected off a white surface, we can control the light in a way that creates harmony. For example, if you place a tall floor lamp in the corner of a white room, that corner will reflect the light and fill the room with a soft, diffuse light. You should always consider the source of the light when styling a room, especially when decorating with white. If there’s too much light coming from all directions in a room, it’s easy for the room to feel flat and sterile. The room’s dynamic comes from the interplay of light and shade. With the right lighting, the shapes of your furniture will come to life in a whole new way. Flood the room with natural light from a window, or brighten the room with lamps with a warm tone where needed. You can’t go wrong with white walls paired with dark furniture and the right lighting. After all, the interplay of light and shade is decisive for our ability to perceive shape and depth, whether in a picture or a room. No doubt you’ve been in a blindingly white room that was very strongly lit from all directions. It’s dizzying how flat it feels. That’s why it’s important to bear two things in mind when thinking about white walls. One is structure, and the other is pattern. Both actually serve the same purpose. A structure on a wall that is lit correctly will create a pattern where we can see the shadows cast by the light source. An easier way to create this sort of dynamic on your walls is to use a pattern, such as on a wall mural. This doesn’t mean you can ignore your light sources, but the room will definitively never look flat and boring.

White symbolizes different things

In the Western world, especially in Christian areas, white symbolizes purity and innocence, while the complete opposite is true in Asian cultures, where it symbolizes sadness. This doesn’t actually matter. The important thing is what you think about the color and what it means to you. You should choose colors and motifs that symbolize your beliefs and what you stand for. That is what’s most important. White, bright wall murals can be combined with as many styling details as there are interior designers. White is so neutral that it goes with almost anything. To really pull the room together, you should look at the details of the wall mural’s pattern and see if you can find a styling detail that accentuates it. For instance, if you were to choose a wall mural with a motif of white birches, you could accentuate it with a stool made from a birch trunk, or birch twigs in a vase.

Bright rooms boost energy

Having at least one bright room in their home is important for many people. They simply want a place where they feel energetic and where the light is a real energy boost. This is especially important when it’s dark outside. But as we said, a bright room does not have to be sterile and boring like a hospital. Don’t miss our Frosty Morning wall mural if you love winter and sparkling frost on the trees. It’s sure to fill you with energy and bring you closer to nature even when you’re not outdoors.
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