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    Amazing Home Library That You Will Love

    Make your home interesting with your own home library

    With today’s technology, many reading materials can now be obtained from the internet and read them on your smart devices. However, no technology can compare to the feeling of a good book in your hands. While you may go to public libraries or university libraries, having your own home library is more intimate. You can make the home library formal and elegant or even colorful and cozy. Add focal points such as elegant canvas prints atop a fireplace, desk, sitting area and shelves to make the room more interesting. 

    Display your book collection

    Having your own library does not mean that you also need a large house. You can actually have it even if you have a small or limited space. Line the wall of an existing room with your favorite books. A library wall can be a wonderful addition to almost any room. The dining room can be a good area to display your book collection. The shelves can be a backdrop for social gatherings as well as turn the room into a reading room.

    The hallway can also be a library in the making. Slim and low bookcases tucked away alongside a high-back chair will do the trick. With the use of neutral palette, the area will feel less cluttered. Create your reading nook as well with the addition of table or a floor lamp.

    Create a lounging area in the home library

    Just like in any library, you will be needing a good lounging area where you will be able to enjoy reading your books. Therefore, pick an area and dedicate it for a set of big and comfortable armchairs alongside a wall of bookshelves. This will create a cozy library corner where you can lounge in the afternoon to read. You may also invite a family member or even a friend to enjoy the afternoon with you.

    Make the home library bold with colors

    Colors can transform the room into something wonderful. Different colors are known to set the mood and atmosphere in a room. So, why not make your home library colorful, just like the books and the stories within them. Color psychology tells us that colors set and affect the mood of the occupant of the room. There are basically two types of colors: warm and cool colors. Cool colors are known to be relaxing and calming, while warm colors are simulating. Pick bright hues, and lively patterns. A lacquered bookcase in vibrant shade with a few exotic accents can be quite interesting.

    Make it big with books and art

    If you have an open floor plan, then it would be easy to combine areas, such as the dining and living rooms. This is done to make a multipurpose space. So why not add a home library in your space to make it more interesting? A floor to ceiling bookshelf make a visual impact and this can be paired with a wonderful artwork hung on your wall. A ladder to reach the upper part of the shelf can also be a way to make the room appear modern.

    Artworks always help

    The library is not just an area for books and other reading materials. Do not limit the home library with books and magazines. Balance the appearance of the room with artwork, collections and other valuables. Hang them on the shelves or use the pieces as bookends.

    Happy reading, and of course, decorating!

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