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    Amazing Interior with Korean home decor

    A lot of individual are engrossed with eastern influences. One of these Oriental design styles is the Korean decor style. The Korean home decor is known for its simplicity, elegance and enhanced functionality. Korean home decor would make your home exude a naturally minimalistic and yet sophisticated style. South Korean home decor tends to pay more homage to its traditions. Tradition is incorporated to the home interior by drawing inspiration from traditional aesthetics as well as the theory of sophisticated and contemporary design to achieve comfort and tidiness in their homes.

    Korean home decor is becoming more popular

    Korean pop culture has taken the world like storm. Many Koreans have now traveled to the different parts of the globe for various reasons, mostly to study. Together with them, they have brought with them their culture and practices that have greatly influenced other nationalities. Have you ever wondered why many people nowadays love Korean food, music and even Korean drama? In addition to these, Korean home decor also influenced the way homeowners designed their home interior.

    Certain Asian cultures tend to emphasize on furniture arrangement to encourage the flow of energy, such as the Chinese and Japanese design style. South Koreans, on the other hand, tend to incorporate their traditions to their interior design.

    Achieve that Korean home decor in the living room

    Creating a Korean home decor in the living room is interesting and fun. Korean home decor is known for its simplicity, elegance and enhanced functionality. It would create a naturally minimalist and yet sophisticated style. Here are some ways you can create this decor into your home easily:

    As mentioned earlier, one of the main principles of Korean home decor is simplicity. Traditionally, Korean interior design focus on using minimal and the most essential elements in the room, leaving the rest clean and free of clutter. These are important to maximize the movement of light and ait inside the room.

    Korean home decor makes use of earth-inspired hues. This is the reason why there is a lot of brown in the Korean inspired home. Pick the lighter shade to give off the illusion of a brighter, airier room. Other colors may be used as well, such as yellow or green.

    The emphasis on natural elements instead of manmade ones is important to achieve the design style. Consider using solid wooden furniture in the rooms so that the atmosphere will be cozy, natural and minimal. The furniture must also be low level that seems to blend with the ground beneath.

    You may also opt to include certain indoor furnishings, accents and artwork. Consider incorporating sliding doors, ceiling art, wall hangings, Shoji lamps, antique ceramics, oriental vases and paintings and canvas prints of trees, flowers, animals and other natural elements.

    Add furniture to achieve Korean home decor in the apartment

    Natural resources and climatic factors of Korea are responsible for the making of the Korean furniture. The most common material used in manufacturing Korean furniture is wood. More commonly, pine, which is found in abundance in Korea. Since Koreans love nature and natural materials, furniture were constructed so that the wood itself was the most beautiful aspect of the piece. Other materials used are bamboo, ox horn, lacquerwork.

    Traditionally, Korean furniture are low leveled. This makes the furniture pieces close to earth as it is one of the main characteristics of Korean decor, embracing and valuing the gifts of nature. On the contrary, times have also changed some of the furniture designs. Some modern furniture designs are Western in appearance but still retain certain qualities of traditional Korean furniture designs.

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