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    Eclectic Design Will Keep You At Ease

    Eclectic design style encompasses different periods and styles and is brought together with the use of color, texture, shape and finish. If you want to experiment with new looks and styles, then the eclectic design style is the right one for you. With your own personality and style, you can create the right mood in your home. In addition to these, focus the colors and patterns you will be incorporating in the rooms. Remember that the design style does not strictly follow any strict rules. Eclectic design style is fun and not serious.

    Add that eclectic look in the living room

    The key to create an eclectic style in the living room is to make sure that the blending of various architectural and decorative styles is coherent. Pick styles that blend but use them in novel ways. In the living room, eclectic interiors usually look best when it follows the saying “less is more”.

    A combination of materials, especially stone wall, set against wooden beams or flooring, work together. Wood with untreated finish is ideal since at this form, it retains something of its natural state. It is also recommended to add your personal choice of upholstery. With these, you basically have three materials independently working but in unison.

    If your walls or wallpapers are in white or in neutral colors, they would serve as a blank canvas where you can add some eclectic colors. Rugs are also highly recommended in an eclectic living room. The traditional design can tie together diverse colors. Additionally, do not cramp the living room with various items. If you have an object that does not fit with the rest of the décor, then make it your central feature. Artworks in different sizes and range of colors may be used in the living room. Arrange them in random fashion over an entire wall.

    Eclectic design in the bedroom reflects who you are

    An eclectic bedroom encompass a certain lack of rules, but when done right, it maintains control by following certain guidelines, especially with the use of color, shape, texture or style to make the room appear harmonious.  

    Mix furniture pieces in different eras in such a way that they complement each other. Display vintage nightstand next to a mid century modern armchair. An Art Deco dresser looks good with a rustic bed. Put up a vintage wall mural with colorful art pieces. If you were able to grasp this guideline then you understand what eclectic style really looks like. 

    With the use of colors, harmonize the different elements of the room. An eclectic style bedroom may be colorful or in an entirely neutral scheme. If you are into bright colors, keep the walls and flooring neutral to make them appear great and not as an eyesore.

    You may also want to use various patterns and match at least one color throughout. Choose patterns that play well together. Geometric shapes, stripes and dots blend well with nature motifs such as animal prints, florals, fern or leaf patterns.

    It is also common in an eclectic bedroom to use repurposed or recycled materials, such as furniture made from reclaimed wood.

    Incorporate that eclectic home design into your bathroom

    Eclectic bathroom can unite various styles in a single place. For instance, you can incorporate everything from vintage furniture to art and décor elements from different eras, design movements and decorating styles. Mixing and matching elements from complementary and contrasting styles often creates a great eclectic style. The bathroom can be a venue to express some style personality and experiment with wide-ranging approaches to design.

    Another good example of eclectic bathroom style is combining contemporary and traditional designs. For example, if you have smooth surfaces, modern furniture pieces, then you may want to have updated lighting fixtures and other elements. Add a few decorative elements from different eras such as hand distressed chair or a traditional porcelain pedestal sink or a vintage canvas print.

    Eclectic interiors create a comfortable kitchen experience

    Just like in any other eclectic style rooms, the kitchen incorporates a wide range of ideas and styles from wide range of sources. An eclectic kitchen can use different color and texture combinations. Examples are muted walls with robin’s egg blue cabinet, subway tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances or a small kitchen island topped with stainless steel. Eclectic kitchen is fun and include any colors, textures and materials.

    Eclectic furniture to add in your rooms

    People think that for them to have an eclectic design style in their rooms, anything can be incorporated. Many also think that you have complete freedom in decorating the room if you want to achieve an eclectic design style. Well, this may be true, however, you need to mix and match your pieces to achieve the style. The secret is to blend the furniture pieces from various eras harmoniously. As the style may give you the freedom to add anything you want, furniture pieces must still have the cohesiveness so as to successfully achieve the design style.

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