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    Experience Space Adventure With Space-Themed Rooms

    Experience space adventure with space-themed rooms

    A lot of kids, and probably adults, dream of experiencing the adventures of being in the outer space. Imagine seeing the stars and planets while cruising in a space transport. Widen your imagination and think of having adventurous encounter with aliens or even shooting lasers with enemies. Of course, being actually in space may be a far fetched dream. However, who says you cannot have a space adventure even in your own home.

    If you are looking for an adventure packed room, a space-themed room is one of the themes that you can incorporate in your home. One of the easiest ways to do this is through wall decorations. Any child that loves space, rockets planets, stars, and comets will truly enjoy this design motif. Hang up astronomy wall murals or space posters. This theme is ideal in the bedroom, but can also be used almost anywhere. Space-themed ideas can add a bit of sci-fi adventure in the playroom, bathroom, game room, or any other room in the house where you want it to be incorporated.

    Here are some interesting and fun ideas on how and what to add in your rooms so kids and other family members will be able to experience and enjoy outer space in their own rooms.

    Planetary Printables

    Decorating your rooms does not always need to be that expensive. Sometime you can actually make it beautiful without spending anything. You can have your own printed photos of various art ideas and have them displayed in your own room. Examples of printable pictures are celestial map, space suit, stars, NASA, and probably a map of the moon.

    Space inspired furnishings

    If you want your room to be fun and adventure-filled, space inspired furnishings must also be incorporated. These furnishings can help you create another world for your child. Also, some of the space-themed furnishings would even be easy to do yourself. Existing furnishings can also be added with space-themed touches to make them more appropriate for the room’s theme. Examples of which are moon cradle or bed, rocket and alien drawer, moon and stars stacking shelves, and moon and stars headboard.

    Lighting with stars

    Having realistic stars and galaxies in your room also means having the right lighting. Incorporate celestial lighting with different outer-space themed lamps and lighting in the room. You may add the following attractive lighting: rocket lamp, constellation in a jar, astro star light projector, paper star lantern, moon in my room, and solar system mobile light. Not only that these light look great in your room, but they also create great effects.

    Outer space decors

    For you to be able to complete a space-themed room, attractive and vibrant decorative items will make the room look better. From curtains to display items to bedding, there are plenty decorative items that you can make or purchase that can make the room look more spacey. Here are some items that you can use: Starry curtains, outer space photo frames, solar system clock, spacecraft chalkboard, satellites canvas prints, space themed growth chart, and many others.

    Outer space wall art

    The wall is the great part of the room where you can add your space-themed wall décor. You can actually incorporate decals, glow-in-the-dark planetary alignments. These decorative items can make the room look even more interesting. Remember that these items may not be that expensive, and you can create your own eventually, provide that you have the materials needed. If by the time you no longer want the theme in your room, these can be removed easily. Some examples of wall art that you can add are outer space wall decals, galaxy wallpaper mural, solar system wall decals, and many others.

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