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    Get to know interior design room by room

    Interior design is both an art and science. It is important in enhancing the interiors as well as the exterior of the house. The field aims to create a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the homeowner.  

    Oftentimes, interior design and interior decorating are interchanged. The fact is that both terms should not be completely interchanged. Interior design is a profession wherein, specific schooling and formal training are required. These include space planning, furniture design, and architecture. On the other hand, interior decoration is basically concerned on the aesthetics and the superficial appearance of the rooms.

    The principles of designing every room of the house encompasses various elements that should be carefully considered. The very first step to achieve a beautiful home interior is to select the style. The chosen style will give you unity and harmony as well as having a unifying theme all throughout the home. 

    Balance is also needed since this distributes the visual weight in a room. This can be done symmetrical or asymmetrical. Never forget to give each room a focal point. The presence of a focal point can draw the eye of the viewer to a specific area or an object. It could be the fireplace or a piece of art or a huge canvas print. It is defined by scale, color, or texture.

    Other relevant elements that must not be neglected are contrast, color, and patterns.

    Bedroom interior design which makes you sleep tight

    Insomnia is experienced by many individuals and this can be caused by psychological, medical, unhealthy sleep habits, certain substances and biological factors. Studies have shown that insomnia is a problem of the brain being unable to stop being awake. In order to solve this problem, one should be able to know and understand the cause of your sleeping disorder.

    The atmosphere of the bedroom likewise plays an important role in getting a good night sleep. Homeowners should be able to feel balanced and centered on sleeping. This can be achieved by placing the bed against a solid wall and away from certain openings such as the door and windows. A sturdy headboard also helps to create a sense of stability in the bed. Lights should be dim or dark at the very least, and this can be achieved with soft lighting. In addition to these, clutter may also be a factor for insomnia. Get rid of clutter so that you will have some clarity of mind. Quiet and muted colors can create a serene and releasing atmosphere to improve sleep and relaxation. Decorate your room with a wall mural of something that you find relaxing, like a view of a beach or a cityscape. Lastly, we all know that with the digital age, there are many electronic gadgets that we find hard to disconnect with. Lose all electronics from the room such as television, laptop, and smartphones. Using them in the bedroom can make your mind active, thus having difficult in sleeping.

    Kitchen interior design has to be practical

    The kitchen can be beautiful and eye catching, however, without true function and practical approach, the design of the kitchen is not worthy. The design of the kitchen should focus on the functionality that is relevant to your lifestyle. After determining the appropriate design, then it is time to play up with the kitchen’s aesthetics. Experts recommend that in order to have a great kitchen design, start with the wish list of the things you need in the kitchen. After which, follow the list with what you desire in the room.

    Do not forget to plan for the storage as it is expected that you will have lots of stuffs in your kitchen. You will need storage areas to keep your pots, pans and utensils. Once kept properly, you will lose the clutter in your kitchen. Workstations should be determined properly. Having well-structured workstations, allow a kitchen to be effective. Another important thing is to explore appliance and plumbing fixture options. This is to create a functional kitchen wherein the functions of your appliances and fixtures need to be cohesive with the requirements and lifestyle of your family. Lighting fixture should also be properly planned. Layered lighting will showcase the rest of the kitchen’s functionality of the kitchen.

    Living room interior design for the whole family

    For a peaceful home, the living room should work for all the family and not the other way around. The living room is the most sociable room in the house. Therefore make sure the room provides enough seating for the whole family as well as some guests. Comfort should also be considered in the living room. The addition of soft texture, such as plush carpet or rug can transform the appearance as well as the atmosphere of the room. The incorporation of a play area can add life to the living room especially if you have kids. Just like in any other room of the house, do not forget to add plenty of storage such as cupboard, drawer or trunk to hide books or toys inside.

    Hall interior design which lasts

    Hall is part of the home which connects us to the rest of the home. In most instances, homeowners do not give much importance to this part of the house. After the front door, the hallway is the first part of the home that can be seen when you get home. When you have guests, the hall is the first interior that they will see. It is often said that the first impression lasts. Therefore, designing and decorating the hall is important just like the other rooms of the house. The design of the hall must be both beautiful and functional. Be sure to make room to deposit your shoes and boots as well as an area to place your umbrellas and hang the coat. The walls may also be decorated with wall art.

    Some top interior designers to keep an eye on

    Just like in any other field, there are also individuals who made a name for themselves in the field of interior design. Here are some top interior designers to keep an eye on:

    1. Peter Dunham
    2. Rita Konig
    3. Richard McGeehan
    4. Thad Hayes
    5. Kelly Wearstler
    6. David Collins
    7. Marmol Radziner
    8. Jean-Louis Deniot
    9. Kelly Hoppen
    10. Philippe Starck

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