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    Painting with dark colors on walls

    If you want to transform the appearance of your room, then paint is the quickest and most affordable way to do it. With that said, it has been known that dark colors deliver the most drama. Painting the walls of the room with dark paint have unique impact to the appearance of the room. Find inspiration in the things you love, such as any valuable items, wallpaper, and fabric.

    The ideal dark color palette in your rooms

    The colors of the room may have the largest impact on how you feel on that space. The colors may be soft and dreamy or bold and vibrant. Whatever color scheme you want to fit in your rooms, dark color palette will always set a dramatic mood in the room.

    Black and white may be the most classic color palette, however you can give it a twist by adding other striking colors. Incorporating red with the scheme takes the color palette to a whole new level. Red is considered to be a warm color and the most energetic of all the colors.

    Neutral grays such as soft grays on the walls, ceiling and larger accessories make a peaceful and modern room setting. While vibrant red accents breathe life and personality into the neutral colors.

    Cool blue and white is a great color combination as they are fresh and scrubbed clean combination. A room painted with these color palette looks friendly and inviting. Experts recommend adding earth tones to ground the airy space.

    Pink and gray is a good color combination and is ideal for nurseries and bedrooms. While pink and orange color palette gives a cheerful retro vibe.

    Dark color schemes for the living room

    The living room is a place in your home where you can relax comfortably after a long day. It is probably one of the most dynamic rooms of the house. This is where you can relax, watch TV or even play different activities with your kids. Just like in any other rooms of the house, the color of the paint sets the mood and style. Colors have been known to have associations with the mood and behavior of many individuals. For instance, cool colors such as blue and green can calm the mind and relax the body, while warm color such as red can be energizing to the occupants. Warm colors likewise increase the heart rate as well as blood pressure.

    Dark color in the living room feel more intimate and can encourage long conversations. Since the living room is considered to be a room for social functions, it is the best place to introduce dark color scheme. Dark gray or chocolate brown will set the mood in the living room. The color scheme can likewise be softened with several details in neutral shades and various warm textures.

    Fun and exciting dark colored theme in the kids room

    The best thing about decorating the room of your kid is having fun with it. You get to involve your child in decorating their room and give them the opportunity to pick the items they want to add in their own sanctuary. Let’s face it, the kid’s room is the first thing that they will call their own. It is also considered to be their own sanctuary as this is where they can play, study, work and learn. Kids will also be proud of their room especially when they were involved in designing and decorating it. For parents, decorating the kid’s room may at first be challenging. However, with a little creativity and imagination, parents will be able to successfully achieve their goals and make their kids happy and satisfied.

    Decorating the room with dark colored theme may be great as it may provide them with a blank canvas. They can simply add decorative items and accents to make the room vibrant and lively. There are various dark colored themes that can be incorporated in the kid’s room, such as pirate, nature, scenery, camouflage, and space. Consider these themes when putting up your wall designs like canvas prints. These themes not only will make the room attractive but will enhance the imagination and creativity of your child.

    The best dark color combinations for the bedroom

    The bedroom is typically a room for sleeping. It contains furniture pieces depending on the style and preference of the owner. In most instances, the bedroom is a reflection of the personality as well as social class and socioeconomic status and may be unique to each person. The bedroom is not only used for sleeping. Many owners also use the bedroom for studying, working, and entertainment.

    There are many options for combining and layering colors to create a unique look in the bedroom. The colors that will be used in the bedroom should be able to complement each other. Choosing accent colors in one room and incorporating those to other rooms will create a unified appearance that will make the bedroom a comforting sanctuary.

    Best tips for painting dark colors

    Here are some of the best tips for painting dark colors:

    1. Paint the right surfaces with dark colors.
    2. Pick the right finish.
    3. Let big things blend.
    4. Choose décor that contrasts the color.
    5. Reflect the natural light.

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