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    Popular bedroom colors

    Popular Bedroom Colors

    Bedroom may be considered to be the most personal space in the house. The room is commonly used in sleeping, which contains one or two beds that may vary in size. When it comes to the bedroom's color scheme, there is a wide range of schemes to choose from. Remember that colors signify something and that whatever color we choose for the room may have an effect to our mood and behavior. Colors may work together to come up with a color scheme for the room that is charming and eye-catching.

    Brief History of the Bedroom

    Beds and bedrooms have an interesting history. They have special connections with the societies in the histories of mankind. Are you aware that evolution does not happen to animals and plants only? It also happens to inanimate things that surround us. For instance, just like us, the function and appearance of bedroom also evolves. This is exemplified if we are going to compare and contrast the place where nomadic people used to sleep and the bedroom that we have today. Nomadic people are satisfied in lying down in grasses and animal hides as they make comfortable sleeping areas for them. Nowadays, the style and appearance of bed and bedroom reflects the advancement in technology. In the past, bedroom may be a communal property, unlike today that the bedroom emphasizes more in the privacy of the occupant.

    Archaeologists have learned that in the past, in South Africa, they have found evidences that they used aromatic leaves of the sedge grass. They were able to trace it back to 77,000 years ago. The leaves act as natural insect repellent. Believe it or not, the leaves are still being used today, having the same benefits as before.

    In China 7,200 years ago, used huoqiang, a bed with heated stones to warm the user during cold nights. Ancient Egyptians used wood and fiber in preparing their beds and other furniture pieces. Ancient Romans, on the other hand, used beds in many different ways aside from sleeping. There were beds used for eating and studying, and also a bed for the dead.

    Early Americans have got their inspirations in architecture and design from countries like England and France. This still holds today, as modern designs are greatly influenced by the European countries.

    Colors commonly used in the bedroom

    Colors have known to have effects to the behavior as well as the mood of people. Sleeping is the primary activity done in the bedroom and there are many factors that contribute to the quality of sleep. Factors such as stress level, exercise, intake of substance, and others, are known to have effects to sleep quality. In choosing the color for the bedroom, the first thing to think about is temperature. Warm colors create a stimulating effect. Cool colors, such as blue and violet, have calming and relaxing effects. Therefore for deep sleep, the room must be colored with cool colors. Blue is usually the color used to have this atmosphere in the room. Never use yellow in the bedroom, especially in kids' room. The color yellow has been known to make the baby cry.

    Colors can also be matched with fabric, furniture pieces, wallpapers and other decorative items to enhance them.

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