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    Riviera-inspired interior ideas | Photowall

    It’s the time of year when thoughts naturally turn toward sunnier climes and rest and relaxation for that hard-earned annual break. But whether you’re holidaying this summer or not, there’s no reason why you can’t bring the continent to your interior – and with the Tour de France currently under way, there’s no better time to look toward French chic interiors to inspire your inner designer. The French Riviera is known for its glamour and intricate architectural detail – and we’ve taken a look at how you can channel its effortless styling secrets in your home. 

    Simply does it 

    Invest in a backdrop that’s uncomplicated in its color palette and let vibrant-hued accessories inspired by the Mediterranean do the talking. The simpler the palette, the more ‘calm’ a room can inspire. Opt for accent features like French Provincial pottery and wrought iron décor to perfectly set off the pale colors of the walls. 

    Feeling blue 

    Blue gradient swatches are integral for Riviera-inspired interior. For the ultimate in French chic interior design, think stunning far-reaching sea views and wall-to-wall sunshine and recreate that summer feeling. Go bold with hues reminiscent of the ocean for your feature wall and add muted, complementary tones and paired-back accessories with it. The effect of faux painting techniques like sponging and color washing will add layers of intrigue and give the look of textured stucco. 

    Blue Wash by Photowall

    Get feminine 

    Choose beautifully feminine patterned wallpapers and introduce a feature wall of florals or birds to really juxtapose with charming rustic furniture. French charm can border on shabby chic so introduce sprawling armchairs draped with luxurious throws – and opt for a teasing hint of gold in wallpaper and accessories for that added touch of glam. 

    Spring Pines by Peppercookies

    Elegant and opulent 

    You might not have the beautiful, tall ceilings and oversized windows commonly found in French drawing rooms, but there’s no reason why you can’t recreate all that elegance fit for a castle and take inspiration for your inviting reception room. Add southern accents to the neutral richness the French do so well, and look to your wallpaper to add that vintage yet strikingly rustic element. 

    Romantic bedrooms 

    Nobody does romance quite like the French, and it’s easily reflected in the warm tones of a decadent, boudoir-style bedroom. Think rich greens and golds, draping chandeliers and beautifully feminine lace panels on curtains. Add in medium-toned wood furniture and tap into the gallery wall trend with a collection of vintage-inspired mirrors hung on a feature wall to add individuality. 

    From fashion, to celebrity and food and all that history, there’s plenty of inspiration to be drawn from beautiful France. How will you be updating your home with French chic interiors this summer? 

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