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    Serene Spaces With Charles Zana

    Our home should be our own haven, a place to provide comfort and relaxation after a stressful day at work or at school. Nature has a calming effect for most people, so displaying a nature wall mural will work wonders for their inner peace. For more inspirations on how to keep your place vibrating with serenity, read on about the works of elite French designer Charles Zana.

    Serene spaces with Charles Zana

    Charles Zana is known to his clients as someone who embodies the best of what France has to offer. He is an architect who is trained at Paris’s Ecole des Beaux-Arts and focused in France’s rich decorative arts history and tradition of fine craftsmanship. He considers his interiors as curated stories in which the elements of interior design such as volume, light, and flow are combined to create a subtle, modern-classical surroundings that are often organized around his clients’ collections. Here we have the information that you need about the life and works of Charles Zana.

    About Charles Zana

    Traveling around the world for twenty years, Charles Zana was able to gather knowledge and skills in the most attractive residential and public interiors he has visited. He graduated from Beaux-Arts de Paris and has expressed his style and influence, and always on the lookout for discerning clients who are demanding for a unique vision. The vision is that of an art lover, passionate about design and who speaks like an extract from key teachings. He is passionate about the works of Italian design masters such as Andrea Branzi, Ettore Sottsass and Enzo Mari.

    As an architect, Charles Zana is well versed in construction work, seeking comfort, fluid circulations, details, harmony, symmetry, and discrete technology. He also has the ability to assimilate the history of places, of appropriating and or revisiting, of magnifying or of “twisting”. His works feature the collections and works of his clients. Sculpture, abstract art, drawing and installation art are enhanced to create a new story into the home interior, thus giving a greater conceptual value.

    In addition to being an architect and a designer, Charles Zana also offers curated stories interiors, which are artistic and full of meaning as well as being warm and responsive to the lives of the home owner. He intends his interiors to be non traditional in which classicism is revisited and combined with emotions.

    Interior design of Charles Zana

    When it comes to interior design, Charles Zana is known for tapping into the constituent elements of the particular place. For instance, in designing a Swiss chalet, he uses the beauty of indigenous rocks for fireplaces and native wood for the beams of the house. These are used as a basis for furnishings and art.

    Charles Zana also opts to bring the outside environment inside the home. Therefore, he likes to maximize the light of the home interior. In one of his works in a flat in London, the black and white marble flooring are emphasizes to bring out the traits of a Georgian town. In addition to that, dramatic circular skylight is added to enhance the bedroom. He also uses the pieces by Yonel Lebovici, a French artist-designer who created sculptural light fixtures from the 60’s to the 90’s. This is to supplement the natural light that enters the space.

    Color cues were also considered in which the project is situated to complement the interiors. In Paris, for example, subtle grays and taupe along with rose were incorporated in the rooms.

    Aside from these, decorative items, such as sculpture and paintings are not just added in the interior design. There should be a dialogue such that aligning a highly reflective Anish Kapoor sculpture and a Ron Arad stainless-steel rocker with a classic piece by French ceramicist, Georges Jouve are incorporated. In other words, decorative items should also portray a story when someone looks at them.

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