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    Smart and Modern Interior Designs with Room Dividers

    There are various ways to spice up your interior to make it more attractive and cozy. Sometimes, accent pieces are the key. A beautiful vase with fresh flowers may do the trick, or a huge canvas print for your own feature wall, or a uniquely-patterned rug. These are just a few options. If you happen to have a big space and at a cross on how to possibly fill it up, room dividers are definitely a great option for you.

    Smart and modern interior designs with room dividers

    Many individuals nowadays prefer living in an apartment with open floor plan as this may be cheaper and more practical. Another good thing about having an open floor plan is that you get the freedom to decide how the space will appear. Whether you have an open floor plan or simply want to create a more private and cozy spaces in your home, the addition of room dividers can create the room you have been dreaming of. There are actually many ways to create the right room dividers. A number of which need not be that expensive, therefore no need to worry in creating beautiful spaces if you are tight on the budget. The only thing you need is to visualize the whole space and be creative in designing it with room dividers.

    What are room dividers?

    Room dividers are screen or particular furniture pieces arranged in a way that divides a room into separate areas. These are used by architects, designers, and homeowners as well, as means to divide the space into separate areas. There are actually various types of room dividers which you can use in your space. Examples are cubicle partitions, shoji screens, shelves, plants and walls. They can also be made from different materials available, such as wood, fabrics, or mirrors.

    Whatever room divider you decide to incorporate in your home, they all serve the same purposes: divide rooms and efficiently use the space within the room, as accents to add character, create privacy, and to decorate the rooms.

    Room divider is not a new thing in the world of interior design. Records have shown that dividers have been used in China during the 7th century in the form of folding room screens. These were generally used by royalty and were heavy and ornate such that they were not moved around. Japanese began using lighter and more portable room dividers in the 8th century. These were mainly used in various practices such as tea ceremonies, religious events and outdoor processions. European travelers have their own version with the use of wood, leather, silk, and mirrors. Today, room dividers have been widely used in many establishments and spaces, to serve the same reasons.

    Room dividers for modern interior designs

    Room dividers come in different sizes and design styles with the use of various materials or furniture. One of the easiest and cheapest way to achieve the style you desire is by using curtain room dividers. These are soft, flexible and romantic room dividers as they are made from plastic or fabric. If you want to be practical and decorative, then curtains are the smart choice for room dividers. Room dividers that are created with curtains can feature two layers and you can set a romantic mood in the room. On the other hand, if you want a more private and cozy living spaces, then large opaque curtains may be the ideal choice.

    Another interesting room divider option are sliding panels and movable decorative screens in different styles. These dividers add beauty and unique decorative patterns and textures to the rooms. You can further accessorize these dividers with lovely wall murals or your favorite paintings. From attractive fabrics, glass and metal to wood, they bring privacy into your home. They are known to balance the dimensions of the rooms, creating a more comfortable and modern interior design.

    Glass and metal room dividers are useful if you are planning to separate the dining area or kitchen from the living room. These may also be used to create a nook for studying or working.

    Storage furniture, shelving units and book cases add to the aesthetic appeal of your space in addition to creating additional storage spaces. While folding and sliding room dividers are best for light interior design, partition wall design adds elegance and sophistication into the home.

    There are also modern hanging room dividers made of plastic pieces available in the market that can create stylish interior designs especially in lofts and large spaces. These can likewise create a wonderful effect which bring stylish feel into the modern interior design.

    Room dividers today are more decorative than functional. They can be easily used to add a touch of style and color into the rooms. In addition to these, they can also be the focal point of the room. Contemporary room dividers are made with fun and exciting materials, which provide bold accents and can personalize the rooms as well.

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