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    Flowery, colourful and big – new trendy wallpaper motifs from Iwa Herdensjö

    Photowall is proud to present two new wallpaper motifs by Swedish designer Iwa Herdensjö. The colourful and trendy motifs, Blaze and Stunner, were inspired by Iwa’s work in fashion but with a more personal twist.
    Stunner Peachy

    “I mainly draw clothing prints and have seen one flowery trend after another.I've drawn many flowers, but this time I had the opportunity to do as I liked instead of it being more about drawing the “right” type of flower print like with other projects.I felt it was important to draw two wallpaper motifs that are similar enough to go together but are not so similar that they are no longer distinctive – it should be like they are in the same film in some way,” says Designer Iwa Herdensjö.

    The collection, which features a playful mix of colours – wine, bright pink and turquoise – has a clear personal touch, as evident when Iwa reveals how the collection got its name:

    “Dare is the name of the colour of lipstick I have worn almost every day for seven years, so you could say it's a signature of sorts.”

    Iwa has a clear idea of which of the extravagant patterns she would choose for her own home and even which room she would put them in:

    “I would choose the orange/pink colour option of Stunner Peachy for the hallway.Personally, I see both motifs working exceptionally well in hallways.A wallpaper that confidently stands out guarantees a warm welcome or goodbye – depending on how you look at it," says Iwa Herdensjö.

    The exclusive Dare collection is only available at Photowall and consists of two motifs in five colour options. The motifs are available as made-to-measure wallpaper for £28 per square metre.

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