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    Interior design meets art – Emma Lindström for Photowall

    Photowall is launching an exclusive design collaboration with the Swedish artist Emma Lindström. The wallpaper collection AURA includes 12 acrylic paintings with abstract and vibrant colour compositions. With harmonious and organic expressions, each wallpaper design invites you to experience visual relaxation and serenity.
    Emma Lindström
    Emma Lindström,

    Emma Lindström is an established Swedish artist with several successful exhibitions in the USA, France, Germany and around Europe. She owns her own art gallery Anohaao gallery in central Gothenburg and is always relevant with new exhibitions.

    Her artistic work process has been a long journey with many years of experimenting with different techniques, colours and materials – something that is constantly varying and developing. At the same time, it is Emma’s mood, feeling and pure chance that guide the visual expression.

    The work always starts with selecting a specific colour scheme. Either based on a specified customer order or Emma’s current mood.

    When I start creating, I enter into a meditative-like state. I allow intuition to speak and process to lead the way. The first stages of the process include pouring and splashing with acrylic colours and various media. After that, I get on to the detailed work with lines and smoothing out techniques that shapes the final artwork.

    The vibrant and energetic wallpaper designs in the AURA collection are multifaceted and emotionally strong and give the room a positive and powerful energy. The wallpapers can encourage joy and creativity or harmony and relaxation, depending on the beholder’s own mood and needs at that very moment. The art is at the centre and speaks for itself.

    I hope and believe the wallpapers can yield a positive and powerful energy to the room and contribute in making it a place where there is room for creativity and joy, but also a place where it is comfortable to be", says Emma

    Emma Lindström also talks about her thoughts about the collaboration and how it was to design her very first wallpaper collection.

    It has been very exciting and challenging to think in big formats and find aspects and colour schemes that are interesting and exciting. Having to be a bit more restrained and consider it as an interior design concept, whilst maintaining the artistic integrity of the original artwork some way. I think we have managed to pull off something that feels like a great marriage between interior design and art", concludes Emma Lindström.

    The AURA wallpaper collection is sold exclusively at Photowall and can be ordered as a fitted wall mural.

    AURA Freshwater & AURA Esoteric

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    For interview inquiries, press releases, wallpaper samples and further information, contact Maria Gromova Tällberg,, +46 (0)702 720 302.

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