Palm Trees

Palm trees have played their role in movies, television, and books for thousands of years. From the early Egyptians who called the plentiful date palm tree the Bennu bird Fig. In anciRead moreent times, the date palm was linked to the sun-bird or Phoenix, which appears in so many mural paintings in the tombs of kings. There were religious as well as practical applications of having a palm tree around. First, food and drink (dates, coconut milk) from the tree and materials for weaving from its branches. Depending on the type of palm, you may be able to get useable oil, biodiesel, wine, wax, jelly, and the palm hearts which some like in salad dishes.

Symbolic value

The symbolic value of the palm tree is significant, as the palm branch represented victory, peace, triumph, and everlasting life. In some religions, the palm was considered sacred. Perhaps this is because the palm tree, particularly coconut varieties, can bear fruit for as long as 70 years. View canvas prints of this fascinating plant which has its own rich history. Enjoy scenes of palms waving in the wind, silhouetted against the coming night, providing shade and a tropical view, and more. There are patterns of palm trees as well as the more abstract palm canvas prints which let the imagination draw in the details. Palm tree paintings may help you remember an extra-special holiday or even your favourite scene from a movie. The strong, silent palm has been an actor in thousands of movie scenes. For instance, 1981's Mel Gibson film Gallipoli where the Australians and Turks are battling it out on the shore of the Dardanelles. Miami Vice (2006) shows Colin Farrell and Gong Li fighting on the beach amidst the waves. Point Break has a scene with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze on Bells Beach Australia among the palm trees. Beautiful scenery with beaches seems to almost always showcase palm trees at their best. A nice palm tree canvas print is a durable way of adding the beautiful to your own wall. Whether your tastes are photographic, painting, or somewhere in the middle, a canvas print of a palm tree is a good option for giving any area a more tropical or beach oriented theme. A palm tree painting may be paired with several varieties of palm for contrast.
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