Whether it’s a vase of freshly cut flowers or a gorgeous garden in the height of summer, flowers have always had the ability to magically uplift any setting. Synonymous with beauty, yRead moreou’ll be spoilt for choice with the wide range of flowering plants that can be used to embellish your indoor space. The timeless allure of blossoming still life is celebrated by this stunning collection of flower canvas prints. Lose yourself in a glorious patch of bluebell woodland or simply give your room a touch of natural vibrancy with one of our close-up designs.

Still life

Classical and modern artists alike have made flowers the focus of many popular pieces. Whether it’s the visually pleasing geometry of the natural world, utilising gentle curves and spirals, or nature’s ability to create an astoundingly rich colour palette, it’s certain that the classic beauty of flowers is rarely overshadowed. We have curated a beautiful selection of paintings that focus on the simplicity of the flower. Living flowers are a great way to inject colour into a room, but they do not last forever. Ensure your space remains fresh and vibrant year round with a canvas print showcasing petals and their dazzling natural arrangements. You can choose from a great range of popular blossoms to invoke a touch of class or go for something more unique to reflect your personality. From attic bedrooms to bathrooms, a small or large flower print canvas can provide your interiors with a burst of colour or something more understated. Our collection of canvas prints comprises photography as well as painted and computer-generated artwork to cater for all tastes and design styles.


There is nothing more natural than blossoming wild flowers and nothing more captivating than our canvas print offerings. These pieces are ideal for adding interest and a sense of calm to any space, giving owners a snapshot of the living world and a rich backdrop for their interior design. Flowers grow in a diverse array of environments, from oak woodland to sprawling meadows; allow our flower-themed paintings to showcase the very best natural locations and bring them into your home. If classical paintings are more your style, choose one of our prints and capture a spectacular view through an artist’s eyes, all the while celebrating the understated brilliance of flowers. Perhaps your space lacks vibrancy or a unifying element? Choose a canvas print from the flowers collection and reinvigorate any room in an instant. Not only can flowers provide your design with a final flourish, a canvas painting can also represent the inspiring centerpiece to your space. Unifying external and internal spaces is an ideal way of maximising tranquillity in your home, however many methods to achieve this are costly, messy or just plain impractical. Spending a fortune on high-end solutions is beyond reach for many, however, investing in a beautiful flower canvas can deliver a similarly striking effect for a fraction of the cost. A picture is worth a thousand words, or in our case a painting. Stepping into a room with a floral print can transport us to another time, perhaps a hike we enjoyed long ago or it may even inspire us to get out there and experience new destinations. Flowers have always had an indescribable power in art and design, a striking almost magical beauty that has been with us from the very beginning. Historically flowers were used to symbolise life and rebirth and over time began to shape and be shaped by our ever-developing customs. In times gone by, flower selections were limited and specific colours and varieties were given equally specific symbolism. A purple iris could be used to convey wisdom whereas a lily was synonymous with purity and innocence. Flowers were not only given as gifts but were also worn, woven into the very fabric of our culture. Nowadays the array of colours and shapes that flowering plants can provide has grown immensely and we have been able to procure an equally dazzling selection of canvas prints to whole-heartedly celebrate the flower in all its forms. Choose a flower painting and bring this natural symbol into your space; whether it's a single petal or an entire hillside, the class and timelessness of flowers will breathe new life into your home and inspire you to create something truly beautiful.
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