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    21st Century Rustic Living

    The rustic aesthetic is defined by bold, natural features combined with homely comforts and a nod to countryside living. As we move further into 2017, this trend is becoming more popular – and it’s not hard to see why. In this post, we’ll be exploring rustic living in the 21st century, looking at what makes this trend so appealing and providing you with our insightful guidance to bring countrified living into your own home this year. 

    Let nature inspire you

    Jonna Jinton – The Secret Place

    At the core of rustic living is its dependence on natural components; raw materials like wood and stone work seamlessly together to create genuine surroundings that shy away from artificial intrusion. Wood, perhaps the most commonly used material in modern rustic design, is endlessly versatile but relatively inexpensive – making it the ideal material to bring into your home this year. Wooden beams are a timeless addition to any rustic home, and faux beams can look just as impressive as their built-in counterparts. 

    Simpler ways to bring nature home include small accessories like wood-cut coasters, coffee tables and flowers. For a minimalist take on modern rustic living, black stone is the perfectly natural way to bring sophistication into your kitchen by creating an island or feature wall that will allow you to impress your guests. 

    Use wooden flooring creatively

    Wooden flooring is synonymous with the rustic look, leading the way when it comes to evoking feelings of warmth, and flawlessly finishing off any look. Waltzing its way back into homes again this year is parquet flooring, which makes for an interesting take on a traditional flooring type. 

    Modern designers have adapted this trend by using whitewashed boards or geometric shapes to transition the style to suit today’s taste, so use wooden flooring creatively to fit it into your own home style. Alternatively, classic rustic wooden flooring can be painted in Scandinavian-inspired greys, or left in its natural state to let the features of its raw beauty shine through. 

    Adapt a countrified colour combination

    A traditional country colour palette consists of canary yellows and ducks egg blues, with shades of white, brown and beige for a simplistic, yet charming effect. While the sight of these colours is not uncommon in modern rustic homes, 21-st century style has encouraged home-owners to think outside of the box and try new, brighter accents to complement these base choices. Whether you’re going bold with Indian reds or bringing a space to life with greens, stepping outside of the traditional rustic comfort zone means you can create a one-of-a-kind space. 

    Accessorise with art

    Modern homes are not complete without some form of art – whether that be a canvas print, statue or wall mural – and these creative mediums give you the chance to express your personality. Textured wall murals like brick or wood can add an element of interest to your rustic space, without the expensive price tag. 

    Old Ruff Brickwall

    While traditional rustic homes would focus on predominantly classical art, modern homes are free to incorporate contemporary art styles to fit the current aesthetic. Whatever art you opt for, make sure it reflects the space you’re creating. The rustic aesthetic continues to rise in popularity and shows little sign of slowing down. With the appealing aesthetic of home comfort, combined with nature and charm, the draw of countrified living has never been stronger – and with our top tips above, you could be one step closer to creating your own slice of rustic paradise, wherever you live. 

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