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    Bedroom colors for girls

    Bedroom colors for girls

    Many homeowners and designers find it fascinating to decorate bedroom for girls. Girls have a wide range of colors for bedrooms to choose from. In most instances, pink or any shade of pink is the color of choice for their bedrooms. Pink may be the most common color for the princess of the family, from the wallpaper to the accessories, but the girl’s bedroom does not have to be filled with it. The color is oftentimes combined with appropriate colors to make the bedroom more favorable. Just like pink, purple is also a classic girl’s color. The colors can be romantic and may be the realm of princesses that everybody love. With a little creativity and imagination, you can turn the girl’s bedroom into something wonderful and amazing.

    Girl’s bedroom ideas that you will love

    If you will be asked about the most preferred color for a girl’s room, what would it be? Many may probably answer that the most common choice of color would be pink. This is true in a sense that if you are going to stores and look at different girl items, the dominant color is pink. The fact is, when it comes to girl’s bedroom color, there is a wide range to choose from. It does not have to be always pink as the room may appear like a powder puff. The right mixture of hues will greatly help create a bedroom color scheme your little princess will love.

    It is recommended that you ask your little girl of her preferred color scheme for her room. She may start with one or two colors she loves, then mix and match them to create a color scheme that will still be cool when she reaches her teenage years.

    A bright shade of pink combined with yellow, lime green, and other bright accents will create a feminine but strong look in the room. One of the favorite color combinations of girls are bright pink and orange. This combination will also look great in a room with white furniture. It is also nice to layer multiple shades of pink so that the room may air a soothing and uplifting atmosphere. Brighter or richer shades of pink are ideal for rooms with black furniture and accessories as these will give a sophisticated appearance.

    Purple may be the next color in the list for girls’ bedroom. Purple with soft white fabrics and white furniture can project a romantic room appearance. While a combination of purple, yellow, and bright green can create a country appearance. Bright purple with accents of black, on the other hand can give a contemporary look.

    You would not expect it, but blue is one of the popular choices in a girl’s bedroom. The color may be traditionally a boy’s color, but when it is paired with furniture and decorative accents in white or any contrasting colors, it can project an elegant feminine look. Soft and light blues can be used to provide a backdrop for images such as flowers, butterflies, rainbows and the likes.

    Green is also a good choice as there are many different shades to choose from. The appearance of the room can range from being soft and tranquil to bright and energetic.

    Combine orange, yellow and red to bring energy into the room. Orange and pink is a good combination that is popularly used in soft and bright shades.

    Neutral colors on the walls can create a nice backdrop for different styles of furnishings. The color can likewise provide a peaceful and serene atmosphere in the room. The good thing about neutral colors is that, when the furniture pieces or any decorative items are changed, you need not have to change the color of the walls too. Neutral colors is a very safe choice for any room style.

    Rainbow is also a popular choice in a girl’s room as it invokes happiness, improvement, and magic. Rainbow is best combined with neutral and pastel colors.

    What a girl wants

    Do you agree if we say that every girl dreams about fairy tales. Castles, fairies, princes and princesses. Girls aspire to convert their rooms into a magical castle. Castles should look cute and glamorous, ideally combined with shades of cream and white. Thanks to fairy tale movies, magical castles and enchanted forests have been among the favorite themes in a girl’s bedroom. Some girls prefer warm and vivid colors and the addition of decorative accessories is ideal for teenage girls. Now if you are aspiring in transforming your kid’s room into something magical, there are many different pictures that can be viewed in the internet and can be ordered as canvas prints, or you can also check interior design magazines.

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