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    Fun and Exciting Ways to Decorate the Tree House

    Tree house decorating ideas that kids will love

    Have you ever dreamed about living in a beautiful tree house at least once when you were a child? A tree house you considered to be a secret place above the tree where you could play your toys and games all day long. Tree houses are wonderful additions to the backyard. Most kids find tree houses very fun and entertaining. Of course, for kids to actually enjoy and have fun with their tree house, it should include the features and details they love. Therefore, it is just right that parents involve their kids in the planning and designing of their tree house. As a parent, you might be surprised to know that your child has a lot of unique and interesting ideas when it comes to planning and designing their own haven.

    How to decorate the tree house for your kids

    Many kids love to hang out in tree houses as they find them cool and exciting. Therefore, with the right decorations, you will be fulfilling the dreams of your child. Here are a few ideas on how to have a wonderful tree house in your backyard:

    1. Decorating the walls. Decide on how you will make the walls of the tree house attractive. Are you going to paint them or just leave them wooden. Depending on the color, paint can set the mood in the tree house, while wood gives a real natural feel. Further decorate the walls with canvas prints that feature their favorite sport or cartoon character.

    2. Select the type of flooring. Do you want the floor to be carpeted or leave it wooden? Carpets can provide a cozy feeling while a wooden floor may provide a little den appearance of the tree house.

    3. Do not forget to add windows. You can add windows of various styles and sizes, depending on you and your kid’s preferences. Windows also allow the entry of natural light.

    4. Create interesting signs such as the name of your child or anything your kid likes.

    5. Add furnishings. Incorporate furniture pieces such as couches, little tables, bean bags, a desk.

    6. Add some entertainment. Add television set, video game console, radio or anything that can be used to entertain your kids.

    7. Find a way to keep rain from wetting the tree house. Rain will soak through wood and that is the thing we want to avoid. Cover them with moss, tree bark, water proof blankets or anything to keep it out.

    8. Add power for the electronic devices you will be incorporating in the tree house.

    Unique tree house design ideas

    There are a lot of things to add in the tree house so that your kids will truly love it. You may opt to add a slide as this will allow kids to get out in a flash and without incidents. Slides are a lot safer than a ladder when placed in the tree house. Swing is also a good thing to add and it is easy to find a good spot for a swing under the tree house. Hammock is also a great add-on where your child as well as adults can relax or even take a nap. Adding a bridge can likewise be fun, especially if the tree house looks like a castle or it can connect two tree houses in case you have more than one tree house in your backyard. A porch or anything similar to it can also be a fun addition to the tree house.

    If your child is sitting up there in the tree house, it is fun and interesting to observe the rest of the world and a periscope or a telescope would make the tree house more fun and interesting. Kids will also enjoy viewing the stars with the installed telescope especially when they invite their friends over for a slumber party. You can also teach your child to love nature by adding a bird feeder or a bird house. Not only that the birds will be happy with this accessory, but your kids will likewise enjoy looking at the little animals and observing them.

    Be creative and ask your child what else they want to be added in the tree house so that they can fully maximize the potential of the tree house.

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