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    How to create the perfect Nordic nursery

    Bringing simplicity to smart storage solutions and the use of clean colours is typical of Nordic interior design techniques. Crafting a Scandinavian-inspired space for your baby’s nursery can aid a good night’s sleep, and create a harmonising environment for them to relax in.

    Let’s explore how to create a beautiful Nordic-inspired nursery.

    Subtle hues

    Creating a beautiful Nordic nursery is all about achieving the perfect balance of mixing a monochrome palette with one or two subtle colours. Pastel colours in particular work well as they don’t overpower the monochrome statement. Try adding pastel tones to textiles – your baby’s blankets and Moses basket could be a great place to introduce subtle accent colours, then you could reflect the tones throughout your room by introducing a feature wall.

    Jungle Love by Anna Ekre

    Decorative details

    Introduce personality by adding in decorative textiles and beautiful details that are desirable in a child’s room. Shelving is a fantastic storage solution that can also act as a trendy interior hack. Display your baby books with pride on floating shelves that showcase the best of your child’s nursery, and keep your space both stylish by introducing a statement chair into the corner of your room. If your space is a little on the small side, introducing mirrors in key parts of the room can help reflect light to promote a more spacious feeling.

    Chester Black by Acne Jr

    Simple structures

    If you’re looking to create a gender-neutral nursery, the Scandi interior style is totally the way to go. Neutral backdrops and the introduction of simple pattern structures create a look that doesn’t restrict by definition. Add in geometric patterns, interesting motifs through wallpaper and wall murals to open up your space. Swedish design duo, By May, has created an exclusive wall mural collection for Photowall which features playful pastel circles and graphic patterns, perfect for creating the Nordic feel in your nursery.

    Fragments by By May


    Scandinavian style is dedicated to its minimal yet multi-functional form – introduce practical space-saving furniture to really get the most out of your room. Simple storage solutions like stacked suitcases and picture-book shelves add a quaint touch, while a small unit of drawers can double up as a baby-changing area.

    Animal adventures

    Great escapes and colourful fantasies have been long associated with the interior design of children’s bedrooms, and there are ways of introducing this look into your home using Nordic techniques. Animals can work especially well to inspire your child’s imagination while also adding a bold blend of colour and pattern into the room – try creating a contemporary feature wall with a vibrant repeat animal motif, the Photowall Galapagos Blue looks fabulous paired with animal-inspired fabrics.

    Galapagos Green by Mini Empire

    What interior techniques will you be adding into your baby’s nursery? 

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